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Effects of eutrophication on the interaction between algae and grazers in an Andean stream
Nutrient excess is a common disturbance that affects biological interactions in river ecosystems. The response of nutrient supply on primary producers and Tricorythodes sp., a common mayfly grazer,Expand
Upstream refugia and dispersal ability may override benthic-community responses to high-Andean streams deforestation
Deforestation is a major driver of biodiversity loss in the Tropical region, but the role of upstream refugia and dispersal ability on the community response to this disturbance is unknown. WeExpand
Using a nutrient enrichment experiment in an Andean mountain stream , we used stable isotope ratios (  15 N and  13 C) to analyze different trophic compartments: 1) basal level: CPOM and biofilm;Expand
Emergence patterns in tropical insects: the role of water discharge frequency in an Andean Stream.
The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between the emergence patterns of various groups of aquatic insects and different hydrological discharge periods. We hypothesize thatExpand
Response of Navicula rhynchocephala (Bacillariophyceae) to Nutrient Enrichment in an Andean Stream (Colombia).
To evaluate the effect of ammonium (NH 4 + ) and phosphates (PO 4 3- ) addition on the structure of the diatom community in the Tota stream (Boyaca, Colombia), diatom density was quantified onExpand
Diatom assemblages associated with turtle carapaces in the Neotropical region
Few studies have explored the ecology and interrelationship with other organisms of the many endangered freshwater turtle species inhabiting the Neotropical Region. The focus of the current study wasExpand
Length-mass relationships in the aquatic invertebrate genera Helobdella (Hirudinea: Glossiphoniidae) and Asellus (Crustacea: Asellidae) of an Andean wetland of Colombia
A major difficulty in the study of macroinvertebrates is the determination of their weight as a measure of the energetic importance of these organisms in an aquatic ecosystem. Therefore, the goal ofExpand