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Sexual dimorphism in the crania and mandibles of South African whites.
A total of 12 standard cranial and five mandibular measurements were taken from 44 male and 47 female skeletons of known sex and race from the Pretoria and Dart collections and subjected to SPSS discriminant function analysis. Expand
Age estimation from the rib by phase analysis: white males.
The sternal rib end may yield a similar degree of accuracy to the pubic symphysis and perhaps better than that for cranial sutural closure in age estimations obtained by traditional methods. Expand
Reconstruction of Life from the Skeleton
Reconstruction of Life from the Skeleton: An Introduction (M. Iscan & K. Kennedy). Assessment of Growth and Age in the Immature Skeleton (F. Johnston & L. Zimmer). Osteological Manifestations of AgeExpand
Sex determination from the femur and tibia in South African whites.
With the current high incidence of violent crimes in South Africa, it has become very important to be able to determine the sex of individuals from their skeletal remains. The aim of this study is toExpand
Metamorphosis at the sternal rib end: a new method to estimate age at death in white males.
This research is an attempt to develop a new age-determination technique by using the sternal extremity of the rib, which indicated that the age at death can be estimated from a rib within about 2 years in the second decade of life to about 7 Years in the fifth and sixth decades of life. Expand
Sexual variation in bucco-lingual dimensions in Turkish dentition.
Dental difference between the sexes in several human populations has been found highly dimorphic, it was not found so in Turks and accuracy of classification remained low at about 77%, which supports earlier studies that sexual dimorphism is population specific. Expand
Metric sex determination from the pelvis in modern Greeks.
It was found that measurements of the sciatic notch were unreliable and yielded poor results, and it is advisable that this characteristic must only be used as a last resort to make the formulae usable on fragmented remains. Expand
Osteometric variation in the humerus: sexual dimorphism in South Africans.
The results indicated that the head and epicondylar diameters are the best in whites to differentiate sexes from each other, while head diameter and maximum length are best in blacks. Expand
Metric and comparative analysis of sexual dimorphism in the Thai femur.
The present research confirms that sexual dimorphism is better reflected in breadth dimensions than in bone length, and underscores the need for population-specific formulas for identification of sex from the skeleton. Expand
Facial soft-tissue thicknesses in the adult male Zulu.
A set of average facial soft tissue depth measurements from the Zulu face that results in the development of a new profile is presented and a method for linking two systems of measurement is provided. Expand