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Effects of additional elements (Fe, Co, Al) on SnAgCu solder joints
The electronics industry has successfully transitioned to lead free soldering for computer and consumer products while in the automotive industry due to the very high reliability requirements thisExpand
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Rectal cancer delivery of radiotherapy in adequate time and with adequate dose is influenced by treatment center, treatment schedule, and gender and is prognostic parameter for local control: results
PURPOSE The impact of the delivery of radiotherapy (RT) on treatment results in rectal cancer patients is unknown. METHODS AND MATERIALS The data from 788 patients with rectal cancer treated withinExpand
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Dependency of the porosity and the layer thickness on the reliability of Ag sintered joints during active power cycling
In order to analyze the reliability of Ag sintered joints in dependency of their porosity and their layer thickness, Si IGBTs were mounted on DCB substrates via Ag sintering by applying a certainExpand
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Assembly and reliability of flip chip solder joints using miniaturized Au/Sn bumps
Flip chip assembly experiments using small electroplated Au/Sn bumps, i.e. bumps of 50 /spl mu/m in diameter and less, are carried out. After plating the bumps consist of a Au layer with a thinner SnExpand
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Combination of Experimental and Simulation Methods for Analysis of Sintered Ag Joints for High Temperature Applications
In order to get better a understanding of the reliability and thermo-mechanical behavior of pressure sintered Ag joints, especially at high temperatures, tensile test samples made of sintered Ag,Expand
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A lead free joining technology for high temperature interconnects using Transient Liquid Phase Soldering (TLPS)
This Paper reports an emerging lead-free joining technology for high temperature application, which can be used for operating temperatures above 200 °C. It is called: “Transient Liquid PhaseExpand
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Behaviour of platinum as UBM in flip chip solder joints
The use of flip chip technology requires necessarily the implementation of bumps either on the chip pads or on the corresponding pads on the substrate side or both. These bumps provide the electricalExpand
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Failure analysis of Ag sintered joints after power cycling under harsh temperature conditions from + 30°C up to + 180°C
Ag sintering is an emerging interconnection technology, especially in the field of power electronics, where for some applications it is demanded to operate at temperatures higher than 150°C. At theseExpand
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Investigations on power cycling induced fatigue failure of IGBTs with silver sinterea interconnects
Because of the need for electronics use at temperatures beyond 150°C, new high temperature interconnection technologies emerge, like silver sintering and copper wire bonding. In the project PROPOWERExpand
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Packaging-induced strain is studied in high-power semiconductor lasers by a noninvasive optical technique. Fourier-transform photocurrent measurements with intentionally strained laser array devicesExpand
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