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Evaluation of the antinociceptive activity of Ficus deltoidea aqueous extract.
The aqueous extract of Ficus deltoidea leaves was evaluated for possible antinociceptive activity in three models of nociception, namely, acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing, formalin and hotExpand
Antinociceptive and anti-ulcerogenic activities of the ethanolic extract of Annona muricata leaf
Ethanolic extract of Annona muricata L., Annonaceae, leaf (AML) was used to investigate its antinociceptive and anti-ulcerogenic activities and the involvement of the mechanism of ethanolic leavesExpand
Anti-Inflammatory Activity of the Aqueous Extract of Ficus Deltoidea
Ficus deltoidea (Family Moraceae) leaves have been used traditionally by the Malays to treat ailments such as wounds, sores, and rheumatism. The aim of the present study was to determine theExpand
Effect of methanol extract of Dicranopteris linearis against carbon tetrachloride- induced acute liver injury in rats
BackgroundDicranopteris linearis (family Gleicheniaceae) has been reported to possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities but no attempt has been made to study its hepatoprotectiveExpand
In vitro antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of the extracts of Muntingia calabura leaves.
The in vitro antiproliferative and antioxidant activities of the aqueous, chloroform and methanol extracts of Muntingia calabura leaves were determined in the present study. Assessed using theExpand
IL35 modulation altered survival, cytokine environment and histopathological consequences during malaria infection in mice
BackgroundThe immune modulating potential of IL-35 in multiple human disorders has been reported. Consequent upon the recognition of inflammatory cytokine activation and its preponderance forExpand
Toxic Effects Of Signal Grass (Brachiaria Decumbens) On Drug- Metabolizing Enzyme Activities In Sheep
Signal grass (Brachiaria decumbens) is widely grown on livestock farms in many countries including Malaysia due to its high productivity and nutritive value. Unfortunately, it is toxic to sheep andExpand
The Role, Involvement and Function(s) of Interleukin-35 and Interleukin-37 in Disease Pathogenesis
The recently identified cytokines—interleukin (IL)-35 and interleukin (IL)-37—have been described for their anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating actions in numerous inflammatory diseases,Expand
Selective in vitro cytotoxic effects of piroxicam and mefenamic acid on several cancer cells lines.
Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) are heterogenous group of compounds used to cure and prevent inflammation. It was demonstrated that NSAIDs has the ability to inhibit the viability ofExpand
Potential of Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) Plantation for Sustain the Livelihood with Natural Resource Conservation in Chambal Ravine of Madhya Pradesh
Ravines have a variety of a gully net works and combinations with varying conditions of gully beds, gully side slopes, and gully intensities due to which no uniform and cost effective landExpand