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A new model for global glacier change and sea-level rise
The anticipated retreat of glaciers around the globe will pose far-reaching challenges to the management of fresh water resources and significantly contribute to sea-level rise within the comingExpand
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Density assumptions for converting geodetic glacier volume change to mass change
Abstract. The geodetic method is widely used for assessing changes in the mass balance of mountain glaciers. However, comparison of repeated digital elevation models only provides a glacier volumeExpand
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Distributed ice thickness and volume of all glaciers around the globe
[1] A new physically based approach for calculating glacier ice thickness distribution and volume is presented and applied to all glaciers and ice caps worldwide. Combining glacier outlines of theExpand
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Modelling runoff from highly glacierized alpine drainage basins in a changing climate
The future runoff from three highly glacierized alpine catchments is assessed for the period 2007-2100 using a glacio-hydrological model including the change in glacier coverage. We apply scenariosExpand
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A method to estimate the ice volume and ice-thickness distribution of alpine glaciers
Sound knowledge of the ice volume and ice-thickness distribution of a glacier is essential for many glaciological applications. However, direct measurements of ice thickness are laborious, notExpand
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Present and future contribution of glacier storage change to runoff from macroscale drainage basins in Europe
[1] The contribution of glaciers to runoff from large-scale drainage basins in Europe is analyzed for the major streams originating in the Alps: Rhine, Rhone, Po, and Danube. Detailed information onExpand
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Extrapolating glacier mass balance to the mountain-range scale: the European Alps 1900–2100
This study addresses the extrapolation of in-situ glacier mass balance measurements to the mountain-range scale and aims at deriving time series of area-averaged mass balance and ice volume changeExpand
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100‐year mass changes in the Swiss Alps linked to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation
Thirty new 100-year records of glacier surface mass balance, accumulation and melt in the Swiss Alps are presented. The time series are based on a comprehensive set of field data and distributedExpand
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Estimating the volume of glaciers in the Himalayan–Karakoram region using different methods
Ice volume estimates are crucial for assessing water reserves stored in glaciers. Due to its large glacier coverage, such estimates are of particular interest for the Himalayan-Karakoram (HK) region.Expand
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Determination of the seasonal mass balance of four Alpine glaciers since 1865
Alpine glaciers have suffered major losses of ice in the last century. We compute spatially distributed seasonal mass balances of four glaciers in the Swiss Alps (Grosser Aletschgletscher,Expand
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