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The scientific revolution and the origins of modern science
  • M. Hunter
  • Computer Science
  • Medical History
  • 1 October 1998
Garrison and Morton's Encyclopedia of Medical Discoveries for the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Centuries . Expand
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Comparative genomic analysis of vertebrate Hox3 and Hox4 genes.
We used a comparative genomic approach to identify putative cis-acting regulatory sequences of the zebrafish hoxb3a and hoxb4a genes. We aligned genomic sequences spanning the clustered Hoxb1 toExpand
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Robert Boyle's Memoirs for the Natural History of Human Blood (1684): Print, Manuscript and the Impact of Baconianism in Seventeenth-Century Medical Science
Robert Boyle's 'Memoirs for the natural history of human blood', which appeared in its first and only edition in 1684, is a well-known but much misunderstood book. In this paper, we will argue that aExpand
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What is Intellectual History
The labels of all the various branches of history are flags of convenience not names of essences, and the real question concerns the distinctiveness and validity of their claims to occupy a separateExpand
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John Aubrey’s Brief Lives: the edition we have been waiting for
Brief Lives is undoubtedly John Aubrey's most significant work. It is for this that he has become widely known in modern times - and deservedly so, since through it we gain an insight into his eraExpand
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Robert Boyle and the early Royal Society: a reciprocal exchange in the making of Baconian science
  • M. Hunter
  • Sociology
  • The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 1 March 2007
This paper documents an important development in Robert Boyle's natural-philosophical method – his use from the 1660s onwards of ‘heads’ and ‘inquiries’ as a means of organizing his data, settingExpand
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Science and Society in Restoration England
Book synopsis: Although much has been written on the intellectual achievements of the age of Newton, Boyle and Hooke, this book provided the first systematic assessment of the social relations ofExpand
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An astrological diary of the seventeenth century : Samuel Jeake of Rye, 1652-1699
Samuel Jeake (1652-1699) was a merchant and nonconformist of Rye in Sussex with a passionate interest in astrology. His diary is here published for the first time; in it he not only recorded theExpand
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