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Speaker-specific Structure in German Voiceless Stop Voice Onset Times
Voice onset time (VOT), a primary cue for voicing in many languages including English and German, is known to vary greatly between speakers, but also displays robust withinspeaker consistencies, at least in English. Expand
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Immediate phonetic convergence in a cue-distractor paradigm.
During a cue-distractor task, participants repeatedly produce syllables prompted by visual cues. Distractor syllables are presented to participants via headphones 150 ms after the visual cue (beforeExpand
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Respect the surroundings: Effects of phonetic context variability on infants' learning of minimal pairs
Fourteen-month-olds' ability to distinguish a just learned word, /buːk/, from its minimally different word, /duːk/, was assessed under two pre-exposure conditions: one where /b, d/-initial formsExpand