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Towards Constructivism: Investigating Students' Perceptions and Learning as a Result of Using an Online Environment
The effects of changing to an online delivery mechanism within a third year, undergraduate, module have been evaluated against the lecturing staff's intended move towards a student-centred,Expand
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Assessing social presence in online discussion groups: a replication study
This paper argues that the emotional state of students’ contributions need to be addressed in an online learning community. If feelings of fear, anger or isolation can lead to withdrawal or conflictExpand
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Brain networks subserving the evaluation of static and dynamic facial expressions
Because moving depictions of face emotion have greater ecological validity than their static counterparts, it has been suggested that still photographs may not engage 'authentic' mechanisms used toExpand
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The effect of cognitive testing and feedback on older adults’ subjective age
ABSTRACT Subjective age, or how old a person feels, is an important measure of self-perception that is associated with consequential cognitive and health outcomes. Recent research suggests thatExpand
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Variability in the analysis of a single neuroimaging dataset by many teams
Data analysis workflows in many scientific domains have become increasingly complex and flexible. Expand
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Book Review: Queen and Country: Same-Sex Desire in the British Armed Forces, 1939–1945 by Emma Vickers
which manifest an apparently wasteful display, the most famous being the peacock. His argument proves fairly convincingly that the marginal advantage flowing from a little expenditure on the BritishExpand
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The Anatomical Location of Postoperative Forehead Flap Pedicle Bleeding
  • D. Davis, M. Hughes
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  • Dermatologic surgery : official publication for…
  • 1 November 2014
A prospective histologic study examining the microvasculature of 25 harvested PMFF pedicles was performed from 2011 to 2013 with institutional review board waiver. Anticoagulation was preoperativelyExpand
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Students in practice: An action research approach to developing online support (ADOSP)
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Micro-foundations of Organizational Ambidexterity in the Context of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions
Micro-foundational approaches can enable firms to develop organizational ambidexterity, which is critical to long-term prosperity. However, to date, few studies have examined how mergers andExpand
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Allenby and British Strategy in the Middle East, 1917-1919
Contemporary Review, Dec 99 "This is a very thoughtful and also well researched study which helps us to understand a war that appears almost incomprehensible to modern Englishmen." InternationalExpand
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