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Wind Energy Generation: Modelling and Control
With increasing concern over climate change and the security of energy supplies, wind power is emerging as an important source of electrical energy throughout the world. Modern wind turbines useExpand
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Socialization and racial identity among Black Americans.
This study examines the social structural processes and arrangements related to racial group identification for a national sample of black American adults. We argue that primary socializationExpand
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Self-Perceptions of Black Americans: Self-Esteem and Personal Efficacy
This study examines the determinants of personal self-esteem, racial self-esteem, and personal efficacy in a 1980 national sample of black Americans. The findings show that the three dimensions areExpand
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MetaCycle: an integrated R package to evaluate periodicity in large scale data
We present MetaCycle, an R package that incorporates ARSER, JTK_CYCLE and Lomb-Scargle to conveniently evaluate periodicity in time-series data. Expand
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The Significance of Color Remains: A Study of Life Chances, Mate Selection, and Ethnic Consciousness Among Black Americans
Using data from the National Survey of Black Americans, a national probability sample of black adults interviewed in 1980 (N-2,107), wefind that blacks with lighter skin have higher socioeconomicExpand
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The Fruits of Cultivation Analysis: A Reexamination of Some Effects of Television Watching
A set of items from the General Social Survey for 1975 and 1977 measuring alienation and fear of walking near one's home at night, which were claimed by Gerbner et al. (1978a) to be related to heavyExpand
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Environmental Interpretation Evaluation in Natural Areas
Environmental interpretation is widely assumed to influence visitor behaviour and reduce impacts on a natural site. Assumptions of cause and effect are difficult to attribute and relatively fewExpand
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Posttraumatic Stress Among Students After the Shootings at Virginia Tech
On April 16, 2007, in the worst campus shooting incident in U.S. history, 49 students and faculty at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) were shot, of whom 32 wereExpand
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Social Change and Crime Rates: An Evaluation of Alternative Theoretical Approaches
Two general theoretical perspectives, criminal opportunity and social disorganization, have been widely used to explain the level of crime in cities and temporal changes in their crime rates. Using aExpand
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The impact of physical attractiveness on achievement and psychological well-being.
Physical attractiveness has been linked to mental health, intelligence, ability and performance. Most of the studies on attractiveness have been experimental in nature and focused on perceptions ofExpand
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