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Streamlining and Core Genome Conservation among Highly Divergent Members of the SAR11 Clade
ABSTRACT SAR11 is an ancient and diverse clade of heterotrophic bacteria that are abundant throughout the world’s oceans, where they play a major role in the ocean carbon cycle. Correlations betweenExpand
Phylogenomic evidence for a common ancestor of mitochondria and the SAR11 clade
Mitochondria share a common ancestor with the Alphaproteobacteria, but determining their precise origins is challenging due to inherent difficulties in phylogenetically reconstructing ancientExpand
Ecosystem biomonitoring with eDNA: metabarcoding across the tree of life in a tropical marine environment
Effective marine management requires comprehensive data on the status of marine biodiversity. However, efficient methods that can document biodiversity in our oceans are currently lacking.Expand
Larval settlement of the common Australian sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma in response to bacteria from the surface of coralline algae
Bacterial biofilms are increasingly seen as important for the successful settlement of marine invertebrate larvae. Here we tested the effects of biofilms on settlement of the sea urchin HeliocidarisExpand
Effects of initial surface wettability on biofilm formation and subsequent settlement of Hydroides elegans
Hydroides elegans is a major fouling organism in tropical waters around the world, including Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. To determine the importance of initial surface characteristics on biofilm communityExpand
Larval development and metamorphosis of the Australian diadematid sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii
Summary The complete larval development through to metamorphosis of the sea urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii is described for the first time. Embryos developed from small eggs (113 μm) to largeExpand
Interspecific variation in metamorphic competence in marine invertebrates: the significance for comparative investigations into the timing of metamorphosis.
Metamorphosis in marine invertebrate larvae is a dynamic, environmentally dependent process that integrates ontogeny with habitat selection. The capacity of many marine invertebrate larvae to surviveExpand
Genome sequence of strain HIMB624, a cultured representative from the OM43 clade of marine Betaproteobacteria
Strain HIMB624 is a planktonic marine bacterium within the family Methylophilaceae of the class Betaproteobacteria isolated from coastal seawater of Oahu, Hawaii. This strain is of interest becauseExpand
Genome sequence of strain HIMB30, a novel member of the marine Gammaproteobacteria.
Strain HIMB30 was isolated from coastal Hawaii seawater by extinction culturing in seawater-based oligotrophic medium. It is a phylogenetically unique member of the class Gammaproteobacteria that isExpand
Coastal Bacterioplankton Community Dynamics in Response to a Natural Disturbance
In order to characterize how disturbances to microbial communities are propagated over temporal and spatial scales in aquatic environments, the dynamics of bacterial assemblages throughout aExpand