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Inundation simulation for urban drainage basin with storm sewer system
An urban inundation model, combining a storm sewer model SWMM, two-dimensional (2D) diffusive overland-flow model and operations of pumping stations, has been developed to simulate inundation inExpand
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Residence time of the Danshuei River estuary, Taiwan
The residence time of an estuary is defined in this study as the average time the initially existing water parcels reside in the system before they are flushed out. The residence time of the DanshueiExpand
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Modelling of hydrodynamics and cohesive sediment transport in Tanshui River estuarine system, Taiwan.
A laterally averaged two-dimensional numerical model is used to simulate hydrodynamics and cohesive sediment transport in the Tanshui River estuarine system. The model handles tributaries as well asExpand
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Procedure to Calibrate and Verify Numerical Models of Estuarine Hydrodynamics
In most hydrodynamic models, friction and turbulent diffusion/dispersion coefficients are the important calibration parameters affecting the calculation of surface elevation, velocity, and salinityExpand
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Modeling the influence of river discharge on salt intrusion and residual circulation in Danshuei River estuary, Taiwan
Abstract A 3-D, time-dependent, baroclinic, hydrodynamic and salinity model was implemented and applied to the Danshuei River estuarine system and the adjacent coastal sea in Taiwan. The modelExpand
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An integrated inundation model for highly developed urban areas.
A numerical model is developed in this study with various components for simulating the complex flow phenomena in urban drainage basins. The model integrates the HEC-1 model, a 1-D dynamicExpand
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Using a three-dimensional particle-tracking model to estimate the residence time and age of water in a tidal estuary
A three-dimensional hydrodynamic model that includes a Lagrangian particle-tracking simulation was applied to the Danshuei River estuarine system in northern Taiwan. Expand
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Modeling assessment of a saltwater intrusion and a transport time scale response to sea-level rise in a tidal estuary
This paper documents a modeling investigation to comprehend the effect of future sea-level rise (SLR) on estuarine salinity and transport time scales, including the residence time and the water ageExpand
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Comparison of ANN approach with 2D and 3D hydrodynamic models for simulating estuary water stage
We applied artificial neural networks (ANNs) as an alternative modeling approach to simulate the water stage time-series of the Danshui River estuary in northern Taiwan. Expand
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Patterns of Zooplankton Distribution along the Marine, Estuarine, and Riverine Portions of the Danshuei Ecosystem in Northern Taiwan
Jiang-Shiou Hwang, Ram Kumar, Chih-Wei Hsieh, Albert Y. Kuo, Sami Souissi, Ming-Hsi Hsu, Jiunn-Tzong Wu, Wen-Cheng Liu, Chi-Fang Wang, and Qing-Chao Chen (2010) Patterns of zooplankton distributionExpand
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