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The lessons of learning: Reconciling theories of policy learning and policy change
Several different explanations of policy change based on notions of learning have emerged in the policy literature to challenge conventional conflict-oriented theories. These include notions ofExpand
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Policy analytical capacity and evidence-based policy-making: Lessons from Canada
Abstract: Evidence-based policy-making represents a contemporary effort to reform or re-structure policy processes in order to prioritize evidentiary or data-based decision-making. Like earlierExpand
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Managing the “hollow state”: procedural policy instruments and modern governance
Abstract: Modem governments face a paradox in that, theoretically, their bureaucratic capacity for action in terms of knowledge, expertise, budgets and personnel resources is high, while, at the sameExpand
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Implementing transition management as policy reforms: a case study of the Dutch energy sector
Proposals to alter large-scale socio-technical systems through government actions in order to promote goals such as sustainability are highly uncertain policy projects. What is being proposed is theExpand
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The Dependent Variable Problem in the Study of Policy Change: Understanding Policy Change as a Methodological Problem
Abstract The new orthodoxy in studies of policy dynamics is that policy change occurs through a homeostatic process. “Perturbations” occurring outside of an institutionalized policy subsystem, oftenExpand
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From the ‘old’ to the ‘new’ policy design: design thinking beyond markets and collaborative governance
Abstract Policy design as a field of inquiry in policy studies has had a chequered history. After a promising beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, the field languished in the 1990s and 2000s as work inExpand
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Policy Advice in Multi-Level Governance Systems: Sub-National Policy Analysts and Analysis
Despite the existence of a large body of literature on policy analysis, empirical studies of the work of policy analysts are rare, and in the case of analysts working at the sub-national level inExpand
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Introduction: Understanding integrated policy strategies and their evolution
Abstract Much attention in recent years has been focused on the idea of replacing patchworks of public policies in specific issue areas with more coordinated or ‘integrated’ policy strategies (IS).Expand
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Policy Instruments, Policy Styles, and Policy Implementation
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Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy: Political Economy and Public Policy
Figures and Tables Preface Acknowledgments Part 1: Introduction 1 Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy: Issues and Approaches Part 2: The Context(s) of Canadian Natural Resource andExpand
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