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Nationwide monitoring of nutrients and their ecological effects: state of the Danish aquatic environment
In 1987, the Danish Government passed the Action Plan on the Aquatic Environment, the main objectives of which were to reduce nitrogen and phosphorus discharge to the aquatic environment by 50% andExpand
Development and testing of a new variable scale air pollution model—ACDEP
A comprehensive trajectory model, Atmospheric Chemistry and Deposition model (ACDEP), has been developed to calculate the nitrogen deposition to the Danish sea waters. The model is constructed withExpand
Measurements of ammonia concentrations, fluxes and dry deposition velocities to a spruce forest 1991–1995
Abstract The dry deposition velocities and fluxes of ammonia have been estimated from measurements of the vertical gradient of ammonia and micrometeorology above a spruce forest in western Jutland,Expand
Measurements of ammonia flux to a spruce stand in Denmark
Abstract This work demonstrates the existence of a linear relation between the deposition velocity of ammonia and the friction velocity measured above a spruce stand in the western part of Denmark.Expand
Five-year measurements of ozone fluxes to a Danish Norway spruce canopy
Abstract Ozone concentrations and fluxes have been measured continuously during 5 years (1996–2000) by the gradient method in a Norway spruce dominated forest stand in West Jutland, Denmark, plantedExpand
Ozone uptake by an evergreen forest canopy: temporal variation and possible mechanisms.
The data reveal the importance of emissions of nitric oxide and terpenes as O(3) removal factors in evergreen forest dominated by Norway spruce. Expand
Review of Dry Deposition Measurements of Ammonia and Nitric Acid to Forest
The paper describes some general aspects of the estimation of dry deposition fluxes and reviews the measurements of dry deposition of atmospheric gaseous ammonia and nitric acid in relation toExpand
Root uptake of lead by Norway spruce grown on 210Pb spiked soils.
The conclusion from the experiment is that the internal circulation of Pb through root uptake, translocation and litterfall, gives an insignificant input of PB to the forest floor compared to atmospheric deposition. Expand
Ammonia and nitric acid dry deposition and throughfall
Since 1991 measurements of fluxes of ammonia have been carried out periodically at a forest location in the western part of Denmark. The ammonia deposition velocities and fluxes are estimated fromExpand
Atmospheric heavy metal deposition accumulated in rural forest soils of southern Scandinavia.
Thirty-three years of measurements of atmospheric heavy metal (HM) deposition (bulk precipitation) in Denmark combined with European emission inventories form the basis for calculating a 50-yearExpand