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Nutritional Characteristics of Forage Grown in South of Benin
The in vitro gas production method appears to be a suitable technique for the evaluation of the nutritive value of forages in developing countries and significant correlations were found between chemical composition and in vitro fermentation characteristics. Expand
Effects of Moringa oleifera (Lam.) Leaves Meal Incorporation in Diets on Growth Performances, Carcass Characteristics and Economics Results of Growing Indigenous Senegal Chickens
Except the significantly decrease of DFI obtained in birds of MO16 and MO24 treatments, significantly better growth performances, feed costs and economic margins were recorded in birds fed MO8 and MO16 diets. Expand
A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development
Quantitative ethnobotany researches can contribute much to guide biodiversity conservation, especially in developing countries. Our study presents a step-by-step approach to identify priority speciesExpand
Prioritization of useful medicinal tree species for conservation in Wari-Maro Forest Reserve in Benin: A multivariate analysis approach
Prioritization of medicinal plant species in conservation schemes is critically important in low income countries. This paper aimed at developing a multivariate prioritization approach to guideExpand
Typology Of Cattle Herds In Transhumance In The Classified Forest Of Upper Alibori Northern Benin
To characterize the cattle herds in transhumance in the classified forest of upper Alibori (CFUA) north of Benin, an investigation of 132 cattle herds with a total of 11,020 head was carried out.Expand
Nutrient Composition of Some Unconventional and Local Feed Resources Available in Senegal and Recoverable in Indigenous Chickens or Animal Feeding
The results showed that all the ingredients samples contained appreciable quantities of all dietary nutrients tested for which more or less make them partial or complete substitutes for the conventional feed sources. Expand
Animal dung availability and their fertilizer values in a context of low soil fertility conditions for forage seed and crops production in Benin (West Africa).
Livestock manure, feed biomass fed to animals that pass through digestive tract undigested and urine excreted from subsequent tissue metabolism, is conventionally termed as wastes. To optimize theExpand
Effect of incorporation of cowpea and soybean pods in diets on feed intake, digestibility and weight gain performances of rabbit
We carried out an experiment to compared performances (feed intake, feed digestibility and weight gain) of rabbit fed ration containing cowpea and soybean pod shells. Sixty rabbits of 06 weeks oldExpand
Valuation of local preferred uses and traditional ecological knowledge in relation to three multipurpose tree species in Benin (West Africa)
Afzelia africana Sm., Pterocarpus erinaceus Poir. and Khaya senegalensis (Desv.) A. Juss are multipurpose trees widely used in Africa, but endangered in their natural environments. Therefore, thereExpand
Growth performances, carcass and organs characteristics and economics results of growing indigenous senegal chickens fed diets containing various levels of leuceana leucocephala (Lam.) leaves meal
Apart from the dark yellowing of abdominal fat of carcasses from birds fed LL21 diet, significantly better growth performances, feed costs and economic margins were recorded in birds feeding LL7 and LL14 diets, which were the only most economically profitable treatments. Expand