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Effect of Indirect Nonequilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on Anti-Proliferative Activity against Chronic Chemo-Resistant Ovarian Cancer Cells In Vitro and In Vivo
Purpose Nonequilibrium atmospheric pressure plasma (NEAPP) therapy has recently been focused on as a novel medical practice. Using cells with acquired paclitaxel/cisplatin resistance, we elucidatedExpand
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Cell survival of glioblastoma grown in medium containing hydrogen peroxide and/or nitrite, or in plasma-activated medium.
Non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas generate a high electron density (on the order of 10(16) electrons per cm(-3)) using Ar gas. Culture medium in air at room temperature wasExpand
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Plasma-activated medium induces A549 cell injury via a spiral apoptotic cascade involving the mitochondrial-nuclear network.
Plasma medicine is a rapidly expanding new field of interdisciplinary research that combines physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Nonthermal atmospheric pressure plasma can be applied to livingExpand
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Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma activates lactate in Ringer’s solution for anti-tumor effects
Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma is a novel approach for wound healing, blood coagulation, and cancer therapy. A recent discovery in the field of plasma medicine is that non-thermalExpand
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Initial growth process of carbon nanowalls synthesized by radical injection plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
We synthesized carbon nanowalls (CNWs) using radical injection plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The initial growth process of CNWs was investigated with and without O2 gas addition to aExpand
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The 2012 Plasma Roadmap
Low-temperature plasma physics and technology are diverse and interdisciplinary fields. The plasma parameters can span many orders of magnitude and applications are found in quite different areas ofExpand
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Novel Intraperitoneal Treatment With Non-Thermal Plasma-Activated Medium Inhibits Metastatic Potential of Ovarian Cancer Cells
Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma has been proposed as a new therapeutic tool for cancer treatment. Recently, plasma-activated medium (PAM) has been widely studied in various cancer types.Expand
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Behavior of atomic radicals and their effects on organic low dielectric constant film etching in high density N2/H2 and N2/NH3 plasmas
An organic film, FLARE™, is one of the most prospective candidates for interlayer insulating films with low dielectric constants (low k). This organic low k film was etched in inductively coupledExpand
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Variable susceptibility of ovarian cancer cells to non-thermal plasma-activated medium
Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma has been widely studied in recent years in many fields, including cancer treatment. However, its efficiency for inducing apoptosis sometimes varies dependingExpand
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Plasma‐activated medium (PAM) kills human cancer‐initiating cells
Medical non‐thermal plasma (NTP) treatments for various types of cancers have been reported. Cells with tumorigenic potential (cancer‐initiating cells; CICs) are few in number in many types ofExpand
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