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A solution of the multiple-binding mean spherical approximation for ionic mixtures
The mean spherical approximation (MSA) for an arbitrary mixture of charged hard spheres with saturating bonds is solved in the Wertheim formalism. Any number of bonds is allowed. It is shown that the
Concept of Ion Association in the Theory of Electrolyte Solutions
Analytical solution of the associative mean spherical approximation (AMSA) and the modified version of the mean spherical approximation — the mass action law (MSA-MAL) approach for ion and ion-dipole
On the influence of ionic association on the capacitance of an electrical double layer
The concept of ionic association is applied to give an explanation of the anomalous temperature dependence of the capacitance of the electrical double layer. It is shown that, except in the
Ionic soft matter : modern trends in theory and applications
Dedication.- Preface.- Field theoretical approach for ionic systems D. di Caprio, J. Stafiej.- Induced charge computation method D. Boda et al.- Concept of ion association in the theory of
On the effects of association in the statistical theory of ionic systems. Analytic solution of the PY-MSA version of the Wertheim theory
The statistical mechanical approach to a fluid of dimerizing hard spheres proposed recently by Wertheim is extended to a two-component mixture of oppositely charged hard spheres. The pair potential
Solution of the polymer mean spherical approximation for the totally flexible sticky two-point electrolyte model
Abstract The general solution of the polymer MSA (mean spherical approximation) for an arbitrary mixture of charged hard spheres with multiple bonding obtained recently by Blum, Holovko and
Osmotic and activity coefficients of strongly associated electrolytes over large concentration ranges from chemical model calculations
Abstract Association in electrolyte solutions is investigated in the framework of chemical models. Several ways for the calculation of the association equilibria are proposed to explain the measured
Effects of disordered porous media on the vapour-liquid phase equilibrium in ionic fluids: application of the association concept
Abstract We study the vapour-liquid phase diagram of a model ionic fluid, the so-called restricted primitive model, confined in a disordered porous medium formed by the matrix of hard sphere (HS) or
Application of the ionic association concept to the study of the phase behaviour of size-asymmetric ionic fluids in disordered porous media
Abstract We study the vapour-liquid phase behaviour of a two-component size-asymmetric ionic fluid confined in a disordered porous matrix formed by uncharged hard spheres (HS) or overlapping (OHS)
Structural changes in water exposed to electric fields: A molecular dynamics study
Abstract The aim of this contribution is to study the changes of structural and dynamic properties of water molecules exposed to electric fields, external ones or generated by ions. For this purpose