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Effect of the shape of mica particles on the production of tumor necrosis factor alpha in mouse macrophages.
OBJECTIVES Micas are thin, sheetlike minerals that are abundant in rocks and sand. They are common components of resuspended road dust in spring in Finland. The proinflammatory potential of micaExpand
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Silica dust exposure and lung cancer.
OBJECTIVE The study evaluated the possibility of a direct association between silica dust exposure and lung cancer. METHODS Mortality and morbidity among 1026 granite workers was followed inExpand
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Durability of man-made vitreous fibres as assessed by dissolution of silicon, iron and aluminium in rat alveolar macrophages
Abstract The dissolution of man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF) by rat alveolar macrophages (AM) was studied in vitro. The fibre samples included refractory ceramic (RCF 1–4), glasswool (MMVF 10, 11),Expand
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Cytotoxicity and cell stimulating activity of ultrafine titanium dioxide
Titanium dioxide is widely used as a white pigment in a variety of applications. The commercially available titanium dioxide polymorphs, rutile and anatase are regarded as inert materials. There isExpand
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Dissolution of man-made vitreous fibres in rat alveolar macrophage culture and Gamble saline solution
The ability of rat alveolar macrophages (AM) to dissolve man-made vitreous fibres (MMVF) with different chemical compositions was studied in vitro by exposing cultured macrophages to MMVF for 2, 4, 8Expand
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Evaluation of Exposure to Man-Made Vitreous Fibers by Nasal Lavage
The objectives of this study were to develop a biomonitoring method for the assessment of exposure to man-made vitreous fibers (MMVF), to examine the level of exposure to MMVF in the prefabricatedExpand
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