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Differentiation and Compaction in the Skaergaard Intrusion
Igneous differentiation processes are constrained from bulk compositions, densities and mineral modes of 116 cumulate gabbro samples in a new reference profile through the Layered Series of theExpand
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Textural analysis of magmatic enclaves from the Kameni Islands, Santorini, Greece.
Abstract The Kameni Islands have been the focus of historic volcanic activity on Santorini, Greece. The islands comprise a series of dacite lavas, the erupted compositions of which have remainedExpand
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Silicate Liquid Immiscibility within the Crystal Mush: Late-stage Magmatic Microstructures in the Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland
Late-stage microstructures developed during the last stages of solidification of the Skaergaard intrusion comprise a wide array of reactive and non-reactive intergrowths. Reactive microstructuresExpand
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On the Pseudomorphing of Melt-filled Pores During the Crystallization of Migmatites
Pseudomorphs of melt-filled pores, recognized by their generally cuspate shape, are used as diagnostic for the former presence of partial melt. They are commonly observed in migmatites from the mid-Expand
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Melt–Solid Dihedral Angles of Common Minerals in Natural Rocks
The melt–solid dihedral angle has been measured in a range of igneous rock types, ranging in composition from picrite, through basalt, phonolite, andesite and rhyolite, for the minerals quartz,Expand
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The role of crystal frameworks in the preservation of enclaves during magma mixing.
Abstract The dacitic lava flows of Nea Kameni, Santorini, Greece, contain a variety of partially-crystalline mafic enclaves. Each enclave type is derived from the break-up of a layer of replenishingExpand
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Infiltration Metasomatism of Cumulates by Intrusive Magma Replenishment: the Wavy Horizon, Isle of Rum, Scotland
The Eastern Layered Intrusion of the Rum Layered Suite comprises paired peridotite and allivalite (troctolite and gabbro)layers forming 16 macro-rhythmic units. Whereas the majority of theseExpand
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The Traigh Bhàn na Sgùrra Sill, Isle of Mull: Flow Localization in a Major Magma Conduit
Field evidence points to localization of magma flowing in a Tertiary doleritic sill on the Isle of Mull, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Regions of the sill in which flow was short-lived have chilledExpand
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Successive episodes of reactive liquid flow through a layered intrusion (Unit 9, Rum Eastern Layered Intrusion, Scotland)
Abstract We present a detailed microstructural and geochemical study of reactive liquid flow in Unit 9 of the Rum Eastern Layered Intrusion, Scotland. Unit 9 comprises an underlying lens-like body ofExpand
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Equilibrium halite-H2O dihedral angles: High rock-salt permeability in the shallow crust?
Shallow deposits of halite are well known to be impermeable to brines and hydrocarbons, yet recent studies of deeply buried salt point toward considerable water-halite interaction. We have resolvedExpand
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