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Systemic Lidocaine Shortens Length of Hospital Stay After Colorectal Surgery: A Double-blinded, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Trial
Perioperative intravenous lidocaine not only improved gastrointestinal motility but also shortened length of hospital stay significantly, and may provide a convenient and inexpensive approach to improve outcome for patients not suitable for epidural anesthesia. Expand
Class effects of SGLT2 inhibitors in mouse cardiomyocytes and hearts: inhibition of Na+/H+ exchanger, lowering of cytosolic Na+ and vasodilation
EMPA, DAPA and CANA directly inhibit cardiac NHE flux and reduce [Na+]c, possibly by binding with the Na+-binding site of NHE-1, and affect the healthy heart by inducing vasodilation. Expand
Continuous intravenous perioperative lidocaine infusion for postoperative pain and recovery in adults.
The effects (benefits and risks) of perioperative intravenous (IV) lidocaine infusion compared to placebo/no treatment or compared to epidural analgesia on postoperative pain and recovery in adults undergoing various surgical procedures are assessed. Expand
Local anesthetics and the inflammatory response: a new therapeutic indication?
Local Anesthetics and the Inflammatory Response: A New Therapeutic Indication? Markus Hollmann;Marcel Durieux; Anesthesiology
Noninvasive Continuous Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring with Nexfin®
Arterial blood pressure can be measured noninvasively and continuously using physiologic pressure reconstruction and values are comparable to invasive monitoring. Expand
Continuous intravenous perioperative lidocaine infusion for postoperative pain and recovery.
Evidence of effect for intravenous lidocaine on the reduction of postoperative pain is found at 'early time points' in participants undergoing laparoscopic abdominal surgery and at 'intermediate time points (24 hours)' after surgery, but no evidence of effect was found for lidocane to reduce pain at 'late time points '(48 hours) after surgery. Expand
Apoptosis induction by different local anaesthetics in a neuroblastoma cell line.
All commonly used local anaesthetics induce neuronal apoptosis in clinically used concentrations and the neurotoxicity correlates with lipid solubility and thus with the conduction blocking potency of the local anaesthetic, but is independent of the chemical class (ester/amide). Expand
Simulation to analyse planning difficulties at the preoperative assessment clinic.
This study shows that a simulation model is a helpful tool to determine the capacity needed to achieve and to maintain a proposed service level for access times and waiting times at the PAC. Expand
Magnesium—Essentials for Anesthesiologists
An overview of current knowledge and available evidence with respect to physiologic aspects of magnesium and proposed indications and recommendations for its use in the clinical setting is provided. Expand
Perioperative strategy in colonic surgery; LAparoscopy and/or FAst track multimodal management versus standard care (LAFA trial)
The randomized controlled multicenter LAFA-trial was conceived to determine whether laparoscopic surgery, fast track perioperative care or a combination of both is to be preferred over open surgery with standard care in patients having segmental colectomy for malignant disease. Expand