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Economic Insecurity, Blame, and Punitive Attitudes
This study examines the relationship between punitive attitudes toward criminals, two measures of economic insecurity and a measure of blame for stagnating incomes that targets welfare, affirmativeExpand
Environmental Justice: An Analysis of Superfund Sites in Florida
In this study we investigate the spatial relationship between Superfund sites and the racial, ethnic, and economic characteristics of the areas surrounding those sites in the state of Florida. UnlikeExpand
Sense-making and secondary victimization among unsolved homicide co-victims
Sense-making is a form of meaning-making that focuses on understanding loss which then contributes to identity reconstruction. This qualitative study examines how perceived communication with theExpand
National Case-Control Study of Homicide Offending and Gun Ownership
Does gun ownership increase the likelihood that a person will commit a homicide? Findings from a recent case-control study (Kellermann et al. 1993) were interpreted as indicating that persons whoExpand
A Cross of Iron: Harry S. Truman and the Origins of the National Security State, 1945-1954
  • M. Hogan
  • Political Science, History
  • 1 December 1999
Preface and acknowledgements 1. The National Security discourse: ideology, political culture and state making 2. Magna Charta: the National Security Act and the specter of the Garrison state 3. TheExpand
Space matters: An analysis of poverty, poverty clustering, and violent crime
While numerous criminological theories emphasize the theoretical importance of the spatial distribution of poverty, few studies specifically examine the empirical relationship between the spatialExpand
The Marshall Plan. America, Britain, and the Reconstruction of Western Europe, 1947-1952
Introduction Toward the Marshall Plan: from New Era designs to New Deal synthesis 1. Searching for a 'creative peace': European integration and the origins of the Marshall Plan 2. Paths to plenty:Expand
Columbine and student perceptions of safety: A quasi-experimental study
This study examined the extent to which the Columbine High School shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999 in Littleton, Colorado impacted the perceived safety of female university students inExpand
Influence of Motivation on Reactive Inhibition in Extra Version-Introversion
  • M. Hogan
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perceptual and motor skills
  • 1 February 1966
The present study was designed to examine the influence of reactive inhibition (defined as involuntary rest pauses) on the performance of a vigilance task by extraverts and introverts. It wasExpand