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Global Conservation Status of Turtles and Tortoises (Order Testudines)
Abstract. We present a review and analysis of the conservation status and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) threat categories of all 360 currently recognized species of extantExpand
Deep genealogical lineages in the widely distributed African helmeted terrapin: evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA (Testudines: Pelomedusidae: Pelomedusa subrufa).
We investigated the phylogeographic differentiation of the widely distributed African helmeted terrapin Pelomedusa subrufa based on 1503 base pairs of mitochondrial DNA (partial cyt b and ND4 genesExpand
Living with the genetic signature of Miocene induced change: evidence from the phylogeographic structure of the endemic angulate tortoise Chersina angulata.
The phylogeographic structure of the monotypic endemic southern African angulate tortoise Chersina angulata was investigated throughout its distribution with the use of partial sequences from threeExpand
A revision of African helmeted terrapins (Testudines: Pelomedusidae: Pelomedusa), with descriptions of six new species.
Using nearly range-wide sampling, we analyze up to 1848 bp of mitochondrial DNA of 183             helmeted terrapins and identify a minimum of 12 deeply divergent species-level clades. Uncorrected pExpand
Circadian rhythm of locomotor activity in the four-striped field mouse, Rhabdomys pumilio: A diurnal African rodent
Although humans are diurnal in behaviour, animal models used for the study of circadian rhythms are mainly restricted to nocturnal rodents. This study focussed on the circadian behaviour of a rodentExpand
Shaping up to fight: sexual selection influences body shape and size in the fighting tortoise (Chersina angulata)
The angulate tortoise Chersina angulata is unique among South African tortoises in having a single unpaired gular (extension of the ventral plastron) that is used to ram and overturn rivalExpand
Mitochondrial phylogeography and subspecies of the wide‐ranging sub‐Saharan leopard tortoise Stigmochelys pardalis (Testudines: Testudinidae) – a case study for the pitfalls of pseudogenes and
The leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) is the most widely distributed sub-Saharan tortoise species, with a range extending from the Horn of Africa all over eastern Africa to the Republic ofExpand
Annual variation in the body condition of a small, arid-zone tortoise, Homopus signatus signatus
Abstract Homopus signatus signatus inhabits an arid region with unpredictable winter rainfall. To help understand the species’ response to variation in rainfall, we measured spring body conditionExpand
Systematics and phylogeography of a threatened tortoise, the speckled padloper
This study investigated the systematics and phylogeography of a threatened tortoise of South Africa, the speckled padloper Homopus signatus. Sixty three specimens were collected from 17 localitiesExpand