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Environmental Applications of Semiconductor Photocatalysis
The civilian, commercial, and defense sectors of most advanced industrialized nations are faced with a tremendous set of environmental problems related to the remediation of hazardous wastes,Expand
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Canids : foxes, wolves, jackals and dogs : status survey and conservation action plan
The new Canid Action Plan synthesizes the current knowledge on the biology, ecology and status of all wild canid species, and outlines the conservation actions and projects needed to secure theirExpand
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The Role of Metal Ion Dopants in Quantum-Sized TiO2: Correlation between Photoreactivity and Charge Carrier Recombination Dynamics
A systematic study of metal ion doping in quantum (Q)-sized (2-4 nm) TiO_2 colloids is performed by measuring their photoreactivities and the transient charge carrier recombination dynamics. TheExpand
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An overview of snow photochemistry: evidence, mechanisms and impacts
It has been shown that sunlit snow and ice plays an important role in processing atmospheric species. Photochemical production of a variety of chemicals has recently been reported to occur inExpand
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Threatened Amphibians of the World
Amphibians are facing an extinction crisis, but getting to the facts has been difficult. Threatened Amphibians of the World is a visual journey through the first-ever comprehensive assessment of theExpand
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Treatment technologies for aqueous perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoate (PFOA)
Fluorochemicals (FCs) are oxidatively recalcitrant, environmentally persistent, and resistant to most conventional treatment technologies. FCs have unique physiochemical properties derived fromExpand
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Chemical composition of aerosols collected over the tropical North Atlantic Ocean
Ambient aerosol samples were collected over the tropical northern Atlantic Ocean during the month of April 1996 onboard the R/V Seward Johnson. Dichotomous high-volume collector samples were analyzedExpand
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A revised nitrogen budget for the Arabian Sea
Despite its importance for the global oceanic nitrogen (N) cycle, considerable uncertainties exist about the N fluxes of the Arabian Sea. On the basis of our recent measurements during the GermanExpand
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Electrohydraulic Discharge and Nonthermal Plasma for Water Treatment
The application of strong electric fields in water and organic liquids has been studied for several years, because of its importance in electrical transmission processes and its practicalExpand
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Nitrogen Dioxide Release in the 302 nm Band Photolysis of Spray-Frozen Aqueous Nitrate Solutions. Atmospheric Implications
We quantify the NO2 fluxes released into the gas phase during the continuous I 300 nm photolysis of NO3 - in submillimeter ice layers produced by freezing aqueous KNO3 sprays on cold surfaces.Expand
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