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Accountable Artefacts: The Case of the Carolan Guitar
A conceptual framework for accountable artefacts is contributed that articulates how multiple and complex mappings between physical artefacts and their digital records may be created, appropriated, shared and interrogated to deliver accounts of provenance and use as well as methodological reflections on technology probes.
Psychophysics of Time
If any single abstraction has claim to be central to the rather ill-matched concerns of artist, philosopher and scientist, it is surely the concept of time [1]. That time is inescapable may be a
Doing it for themselves: the practices of amateur musicians and DIY music networks in a digital age
A fast expanding network of DIY music communities in the UK see digital technologies transforming ways in which part-time amateur musicians are able to collabo- rate creatively and form alliances,
The Quest for the True Figure of the Earth: Ideas and Expeditions in Four Centuries of Geodesy
Contents: Author's preface A dispute in the making Prelude to an odyssey Some technicalities The Lapland expedition The Peru expedition Meanwhile in Paris Death and deliverance A grievous aftermath
Coming in from the margins: amateur musicians in the online age
It is concluded that HCI needs to recognise the amateur as an important class of user, one who is serious about their leisure, and who is also distinct from the professional as from the novice and hobbyist.
Experiencing the Carolan Guitar
This demonstration will enable participants to encounter Carolan, scan its inlaid patterns, explore its extensive digital record and to play it and contribute to its record if they wish.
A Dispute in the Making