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Managing Firm Resources in Dynamic Environments to Create Value: Looking Inside the Black Box
We address current criticisms of the RBV (oversight of dynamism, environmental contingencies, and managers' role) by linking value creation in dynamic environmental contexts to the management of firmExpand
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International Diversification: Effects on Innovation and Firm Performance in Product-Diversified Firms
Theory suggests and results show that firm performance is initially positive but eventually levels off and becomes negative as international diversification increases. Product diversification moder...
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Managing Resources: Linking Unique Resources, Management, and Wealth Creation in Family Firms
The appropriate resources are necessary but insufficient to achieve a competitive advantage. Resources must also be managed effectively. Herein, we develop a resource management process modelExpand
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A Model of Strategic Entrepreneurship: The Construct and its Dimensions
Strategic entrepreneurship (SE) involves simultaneous opportunity-seeking and advantage-seeking behaviors and results in superior firm performance. On a relative basis, small, entrepreneurialExpand
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*The Development of Organizational Social Capital: Attributes of Family Firms
We develop and extend social capital theory by exploring the creation of organizational social capital within a highly pervasive, yet often overlooked organizational form: family firms. We argue thatExpand
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Direct and Moderating Effects of Human Capital on Strategy and Performance in Professional Service Firms: A Resource-Based Perspective
The current study examines the direct and moderating effects of human capital on professional service firm performance. The results show that human capital exhibits a curvilinear (U-shaped) effectExpand
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International expansion by new venture firms: International diversity, mode of market entry, technological learning, and performance.
An increasing number of new venture firms are internationalizing their business operations early in their life cycles. Previous explanations of this trend have focused on the importance ofExpand
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Corporate Political Strategy Formulation: A Model of Approach, Participation, and Strategy Decisions
In this article we examine two general approaches to political action (transactional and relational), two levels of participation (individual and collective), and three types of generic politicalExpand
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Resource Orchestration to Create Competitive Advantage
In this article, the authors discuss how an emerging research stream, which they term resource orchestration, has the potential to extend the understanding of resource-based theory (RBT) by explicitly addressing the role of managers' actions to effectively structure, bundle, and leverage firm resources. Expand
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