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Correlation between lead in plasma and other indicators of lead exposure among lead-exposed workers
P is a better dose indicator of lead biochemically available for heme synthesis and that PbU has a closer correlation with P bP than with PbB, according to a study on five workers in a Japanese factory manufacturing lead glass-based paints. Expand
Impaired manual dexterity and neuromuscular dysfunction in patients with hand-arm vibration syndrome.
It is suggested that measurement of the bean transfer time will serve to assess manual dexterity among HAVS patients, and that impaired manual dexterity in patients may be associated with impaired sensory feedback and muscular dysfunction in the fingers and hands. Expand
Affected segments of the median nerve detected by fractionated nerve conduction measurement in vibration-induced neuropathy.
It is demonstrated that vibration-induced nerve impairments dominantly exist both in the digits and across the carpal tunnel, with significant differences in patients with hand-arm vibration syndrome and healthy controls. Expand
A cross-sectional study on nerve conduction velocities among workers exposed to carbon disulphide.
Findings indicate the existence of a toxic effect of CS2 exposure on the NCV, predominantly evident in the lower limbs in workers exposed to carbon disulphide, and on removal from exposure, NCV recovery seemed to be possible. Expand
Immune function and lifestyle of taxi drivers in Japan.
The results indicate that in addition to driving stress, the daily earnings affect taxi drivers as a strong stress or that induces immunological changes. Expand
A probable case of chronic occupational thallium poisoning in a glass factory.
The clinical course of signs and symptoms, neurophysiological findings andThallium content of hair suggested that the patient suffered from chronic poisoning due to occupational exposure to thallium-containing dust. Expand
Nationwide survey of occupational health activities in small-scale enterprises in Japan.
Indicators of OH activities including selection of OH competent person, enforcement of OH guideline for computer work, OH education about the occupational health risks, and enforcement of special health examinations and general health examinations in SSEs with 1-4 and 5-9 employees were worse than S SEs with 10 or more employees. Expand
Involvement of the central nervous system in vibration syndrome
The findings suggest that VS involves the cognitive and attention functions of the cerebral higher function, but not the conduction function in the auditory and somatosensory ascending tract and facial nerve reflex tract in the brainstem. Expand
Thermal perception threshold testing for the evaluation of small sensory nerve fiber injury in patients with hand-arm vibration syndrome.
The present findings indicate that thermal threshold testing for warm and cold perception can be a useful substitute for pain threshold testing to examine small nerve fiber injury in vibration-induced neuropathy. Expand
Digital sensory nerve conduction velocity and vibration perception threshold in peripheral neurological test for hand-arm vibration syndrome.
To evaluate peripheral neuropathy in patients with vibration syndrome, an examination was conducted of sensory nerve conduction velocity (SCV) in the digital segment of the median nerve in the middleExpand