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Room-temperature fabrication of transparent flexible thin-film transistors using amorphous oxide semiconductors
A novel semiconducting material is proposed—namely, a transparent amorphous oxide semiconductor from the In-Ga-Zn-O system (a-IGZO)—for the active channel in transparent thin-film transistors (TTFTs), which are fabricated on polyethylene terephthalate sheets and exhibit saturation mobilities and device characteristics are stable during repetitive bending of the TTFT sheet.
Iron-based layered superconductor La[O(1-x)F(x)]FeAs (x = 0.05-0.12) with T(c) = 26 K.
It is reported that a layered iron-based compound LaOFeAs undergoes superconducting transition under doping with F- ions at the O2- site and exhibits a trapezoid shape dependence on the F- content.
Thin-Film Transistor Fabricated in Single-Crystalline Transparent Oxide Semiconductor
The fabrication of transparent field-effect transistors using a single-crystalline thin-film transparent oxide semiconductor, InGaO3(ZnO)5, as an electron channel and amorphous hafnium oxide as a gate insulator provides a step toward the realization of transparent electronics for next-generation optoelectronics.
Iron-based layered superconductor: LaOFeP.
Magnetic and electrical resistivity measurements verify the occurrence of the superconducting transition at approximately 4 K in an iron-based layered oxy-pnictide LaOFeP.
Deep-ultraviolet transparent conductive β-Ga2O3 thin films
Thin films of β-Ga2O3 with an energy band gap of 4.9 eV were prepared on silica glass substrates by a pulsed-laser deposition method. N-type conductivity up to ∼1 S cm−1 was obtained by Sn-ion doping
Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors for High-Performance Flexible Thin-Film Transistors
Recently, we have demonstrated the potential of amorphous oxide semiconductors (AOSs) for developing flexible thin-film transistors (TFTs). A material exploration of AOSs desired as the channel layer
Local coordination structure and electronic structure of the large electron mobility amorphous oxide semiconductor In-Ga-Zn-O: Experiment and ab initio calculations
Ionic amorphous oxide semiconductors (IAOSs) are new materials for flexible thin film transistors that exhibit field-effect mobilities of
Carrier transport and electronic structure in amorphous oxide semiconductor, a-InGaZnO4
Abstract Carrier transport properties in amorphous oxide semiconductor InGaZnO 4 (a-IGZO) thin films were investigated in detail using temperature dependence of Hall measurements. It was found that
Superconductivity at 43 K in an iron-based layered compound LaO1-xFxFeAs
It is reported that increasing the pressure causes a steep increase in the onset Tc of F-doped LaOFeAs, to a maximum of ∼43 K at ∼4 GPa, which is the highest Tc reported to date.