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Stabilization of regenerating-mode operation in sensorless induction motor drives by full-order flux observer design
  • M. Hinkkanen, J. Luomi
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • 22 November 2004
This paper deals with the full-order flux observer design for speed-sensorless induction motor drives. Expand
Modified integrator for voltage model flux estimation of induction motors
This paper deals with voltage model flux estimators for speed sensorless induction motor drives. In order to eliminate the drift problems, the pure integrator of the voltage model is replaced with aExpand
Complete Stability of Reduced-Order and Full-Order Observers for Sensorless IM Drives
In this paper, reduced-order observers for flux and speed estimation of sensorless induction-motor drives are analyzed. Expand
Observer-Based State-Space Current Controller for a Grid Converter Equipped With an LCL Filter: Analytical Method for Direct Discrete-Time Design
State-space current control enables high dynamic performance of a three-phase grid-connected converter equipped with an LCL filter. In this paper, observer-based state-space control is designed usingExpand
Control of induction motor drives equipped with small DC-Link capacitance
The paper deals with control of induction motor drives equipped with a diode rectifier and a small DC-link capacitance. Expand
State Observer for Grid-Voltage Sensorless Control of a Converter Equipped With an LCL Filter: Direct Discrete-Time Design
Synchronization with the power system is an essential part of control of grid-connected converters. This paper proposes a grid-voltage sensorless synchronization and control scheme for a converterExpand
Loss-Minimizing Flux Level Control of Induction Motor Drives
This paper applies a dynamic space-vector model to loss-minimizing control in induction motor drives. The induction motor model, which takes hysteresis losses and eddy-current losses as well as theExpand
Observer-Based State-Space Current Control for a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Converter Equipped With an LCL Filter
This paper presents a state-space current control method for active damping of the resonance frequency of the LCL filter and setting the dominant dynamics of the converter current through direct poleExpand
Adaptive full-order observer with high-frequency signal injection for synchronous reluctance motor drives
A back-EMF-based position observer for motion-sensorless synchronous reluctance motor drives is augmented with high-frequency signal-injection method for improved low-speed operation. Expand
Sensorless control of PMSM drives using a combination of voltage model and HF signal injection
This paper presents a method for the rotor speed and position estimation of permanent magnet synchronous motors in a wide speed range including standstill. Expand