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Analysis of printed linear slot antenna using lossy transmission line model
A model of the printed linear slot antenna using the lossy transmission line method is presented. The Cohn analysis is used to determine the characteristics of the slotline. The attenuationExpand
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Transparency and electrical properties of meshed metal films
Abstract Meshed silver/titanium films, deposited on a 1737 Corning glass substrate by radiofrequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtering and etched by wet process, have been studied. Sputtering parametersExpand
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Radiofrequency performances of transparent ultra-wideband antennas
In this paper, optically transparent ultra-wideband (UWB) monopole antennas in S-band and Cband are presented, compared and discussed. Three transparent UWB antennas elaborated from the AgGL (SilverExpand
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Foam Based Luneburg Lens Antenna at 60 GHz
An innovative technological process is investigated to easily manufacture inhomogeneous Luneburg lenses. A unique foam material is drilled and pressed to achieve the difierent dielectric constantExpand
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Design and characterisation of half-Maxwell fish-eye lens antenna in 76-81 GHz band
A new inhomogeneous lens, made up of three hemispherical shells, is proposed. By approximating the Maxwell fish-eye law, this gradient index lens exhibits interesting focusing properties. A prototypeExpand
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Performance of a Reconfigurable Reflector Antenna with Scanning Capability Using Low Cost Plasma Elements
A reflector antenna with rounded shape is designed to collimate beam radiated by a quarter wave antenna operating at 2.4 GHz by implementing low cost plasma elements. The measured gain is 9 dBi,Expand
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Performance of a lozenge monopole antenna made of pure composite laminate
The use of carbon-fiber tissue as a replacement for metal radiating element has been investigated to fabricate microwave antennas embedded in composite material panels. A single ply of a dryExpand
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Printed Millimeter Antennas – Multilayer Technologies
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New calibration method used for active phased array antennas
This paper deals with the design of a Ku-band phased array antenna where phase shifting is performed through the use of reflection-type phase shifters controlled with varactor diodes. Expand
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