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Synthesis of uniform amplitude unequally spaced antenna arrays using the differential evolution algorithm
A computationally efficient global optimization method, the differential evolution algorithm (DEA), is proposed for the synthesis of uniform amplitude arrays of two classes, i.e., unequally spacedExpand
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Analysis of printed linear slot antenna using lossy transmission line model
A model of the printed linear slot antenna using the lossy transmission line method is presented. The Cohn analysis is used to determine the characteristics of the slotline. The attenuationExpand
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Transparency and electrical properties of meshed metal films
Abstract Meshed silver/titanium films, deposited on a 1737 Corning glass substrate by radiofrequency (r.f.) magnetron sputtering and etched by wet process, have been studied. Sputtering parametersExpand
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High-Efficient and High-Gain Superstrate Antenna for 60-GHz Indoor Communication
A high-efficient and high-gain aperture coupled patch antenna with superstrate at 60 GHz is studied and presented. It is noted that adding superstrate will result in a significant effect on theExpand
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A sliced spherical Luneburg lens
The Luneburg lens (LL) represents a very attractive candidate for many applications such as multibeam antennas, multifrequency scanning, and spatial scanning, due to its focusing properties. Indeed,Expand
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Lens Antenna for Wide Angle Beam Scanning at 79 GHz for Automotive Short Range Radar Applications
This communication presents the design and experimental verification of a substrate integrated waveguide fed lens antenna for 79 GHz automotive radar applications. The proposed integrated lensExpand
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Compact microstrip-T coupled patch antenna for dual polarisation and active antenna applications
Compact microstrip-T coupled patch antenna for dual polarisation and active antenna applications
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Transmission line analysis of nonlinear slot coupled microstrip antenna
The transmission line method is used for the analysis of microstrip antennas fed by several nonlinear slots with 'H' shapes or new geometries. This analysis allows the input impedance of nonlinearExpand
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Design of an unequally spaced reflectarray
We present the design and experimental results of an X-band unequally spaced reflectarray of microstrip patch elements. Expand
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An Active Reconfigurable Antenna at 60 GHz Based on Plate Inhomogeneous Lens and Feeders
The conception and performances of a 60 GHz active antenna, reconfigurable in terms of radiation pattern is described in this paper. This antenna is based on a plate inhomogeneous Luneburg lens fedExpand
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