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Tracking the journey of a uranium cube
A mysterious object led two physicists to investigate the German quest and failure to build a working nuclear reactor during World War II.
Characterizing the Effectiveness of Atomic Layer Deposited Coatings for the Prevention of Glass Disease
Glass disease, the broad term used to describe the process by which historic glass objects degrade, presents a particularly challenging problem for museum curators and conservators. This challenge
Understanding Effects Responsible for Pinhole Development and Coating Adhesion for Atomic Layer Deposited Coatings on Glass
Glass degradation, referred to broadly as glass disease in cultural heritage contexts, presents a particularly significant challenge for art and museum conservation. Caused by contact between a glass
Preventing Glass Alteration in Museum Objects using ALD Deposited Amorphous Alumina Coatings
The chemistry and kinetics of glass alteration have been topics of considerable study and debate over the past several decades. While work is still progressing in understanding the mechanisms by
Microanalysis of Glass Fluid Storage Vials from The Invertebrate Zoology Collection at the National Museum of Natural History
Glass alteration is the process by which modifier ions in a glass matrix undergo an ion exchange reaction with water in the surrounding atmosphere or environment.This process leads to the depletion