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Influence of heterogeneity on undrained clay slope stability
  • M. Hicks, K. Samy
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and…
  • 1 February 2002
This paper concentrates on the fact that natural materials are variable, and that representation of this variability appears crucial to getting a realistic understanding of certain geotechnicalExpand
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On the estimation of scale of fluctuation in geostatistics
Describing how soil properties vary spatially is of particular importance in stochastic analyses of geotechnical problems, because spatial variability has a significant influence on local materialExpand
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Influence of heterogeneity on the reliability and failure of a long 3D slope
Abstract The influence of heterogeneity of undrained shear strength on the performance of a long slope cut in clay is investigated. Random field theory is used to model the heterogeneity and finiteExpand
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Development of an implicit material point method for geotechnical applications
Abstract An implicit material point method (MPM), a variant of the finite element method (FEM), is presented in this paper. The key feature of MPM is that the spatial discretisation uses a set ofExpand
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Investigation of retrogressive and progressive slope failure mechanisms using the material point method
Abstract Retrogressive and progressive slope failures are a dynamic process, in the sense that they involve a progressively changing scenario. This paper uses the contemporary material point methodExpand
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A stochastic approach to rainfall-induced slope failure
This paper considers the influence of spatial variability of soil properties on the stability of an unsaturated soil slope during and antecedent to a rainfall event. With water tending to follow aExpand
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This paper presents a stochastic approach to quantifying reliability based, characteristic values, satisfying the requirements of Eurocode 7 (env 1997-1(1994) Eurocode 7: Geotechnical design - Part 1Expand
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Influence of heterogeneity on 3D slope reliability and failure consequence
Abstract This paper investigates the influence of heterogeneity of undrained shear strength on the reliability of, and risk posed by, a long slope cut in clay, for different depths of foundationExpand
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Uncertainty reduction and sampling efficiency in slope designs using 3D conditional random fields
A method of combining 3D Kriging for geotechnical sampling schemes with an existing random field generator is presented and validated. Conditional random fields of soil heterogeneity are then linkedExpand
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