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Phosphorylation of C6‐ and C3‐positions of glucosyl residues in starch is catalysed by distinct dikinases
Glucan, water dikinase (GWD) and phosphoglucan, water dikinase (PWD) are required for normal starch metabolism. We analysed starch phosphorylation in Arabidopsis wild‐type plants and mutants lackingExpand
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Hyperphosphorylation of glucosyl C6 carbons and altered structure of glycogen in the neurodegenerative epilepsy Lafora disease.
Laforin or malin deficiency causes Lafora disease, characterized by altered glycogen metabolism and teenage-onset neurodegeneration with intractable and invariably fatal epilepsy. Plant starchesExpand
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Anti-plasmodial flavonoids from the stem bark of Erythrina abyssinica.
The ethyl acetate extract of the stem bark of Erythrina abyssinica showed anti-plasmodial activity against the chloroquine-sensitive (D6) and chloroquine-resistant (W2) strains of PlasmodiumExpand
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Anti-plasmodial activities and X-ray crystal structures of rotenoids from Millettia usaramensis subspecies usaramensis.
The dichloromethane extract of the stem bark of Millettia usaramensis subspecies usaramensis showed anti-plasmodial activity against the chloroquine sensitive (D6) and chloroquine resistant (W2)Expand
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Effect of rotenoids from the seeds of Millettia dura on larvae of Aedes aegypti.
A crude chloroform extract of seeds of Millettia dura Dunn (Leguminosae) showed high activity (LC50 = 3.5 microg ml(-1) at 24 h) against second-instar larvae of the mosquito, Aedes aegypti LExpand
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Antiplasmodial β-hydroxydihydrochalcone from seedpods of Tephrosia elata
Abstract From the seedpods of Tephrosia elata , a new β-hydroxydihydrochalcone named ( S )-elatadihydrochalcone was isolated. In addition, the known flavonoids obovatachalcone, obovatin, obovatinExpand
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Mass spectrometric quantification of the relative amounts of C6 and C3 position phosphorylated glucosyl residues in starch.
The quantification of phosphate bound to the C6 and C3 positions of glucose residues in starch has received increasing interest since the importance of starch phosphorylation for plant metabolism wasExpand
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Antiplasmodial and larvicidal flavonoids from Derris trifoliata
From the dichloromethane-methanol (1:1) extract of the seed pods of Derris trifoliata, a new flavanone derivative (S)-lupinifolin 4´-methyl ether was isolated. In addition, the known flavonoidsExpand
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8-Methoxyneorautenol and radical scavenging flavonoids from Erythrina abyssinica
A new pterocarpan (named 8-methoxyneorautenol) was isolated from the acetone extract of the root bark of Erythrina abyssinica . In addition, the known isoflavonoid derivatives eryvarin L,Expand
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Antiplasmodial flavonoids from Erythrina sacleuxii.
The acetone extracts of the root bark and stem bark of Erythrina sacleuxii showed antiplasmodial activities against the chloroquine-sensitive (D6) and chloroquine-resistant (W2) strains of PlasmodiumExpand
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