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Biomass use, production, feed efficiencies, and greenhouse gas emissions from global livestock systems
Significance This report is unique in presenting a high-resolution dataset of biomass use, production, feed efficiencies, and greenhouse gas emissions by global livestock. This information will allowExpand
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Adapting agriculture to climate change in Kenya: household strategies and determinants.
Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are particularly vulnerable to climate change, given dependence on agricultural production and limited adaptive capacity. Based on farm household and ParticipatoryExpand
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Mapping Climate Vulnerability and Poverty in Africa
Executive Summary The world's climate is continuing to change at rates that are projected to be unprecedented in recent human history. Some models are now indicating that the temperature increases toExpand
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The impacts of climate change on livestock and livestock systems in developing countries: A review of what we know and what we need to know
Despite the importance of livestock to poor people and the magnitude of the changes that are likely to befall livestock systems, the intersection of climate change and livestock in developingExpand
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Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: Premises and Policies
Clearer understanding is needed of the premises underlying SI and how it relates to food-system priorities. Food security is high on the global policy agenda. Demand for food is increasing asExpand
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Water and livestock for human development
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Smart Investments in Sustainable Food Production: Revisiting Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems
Farmers in mixed crop-livestock systems produce about half of the world’s food. In small holdings around the world, livestock are reared mostly on grass, browse, and nonfood biomass from maize,Expand
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Climate change perception and adaptation of agro-pastoral communities in Kenya
Data on agro-pastoralists’ perceptions of climate change and adaptation options were collected from agro-pastoral communities in 7 rural districts of Kenya. Key adaptation strategies for livestockExpand
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Livestock, livelihoods and the environment: understanding the trade-offs
Livestock are a global resource of significant benefits to society in the form of food, income, nutrients, employment, insurance, traction, clothing and others. In the process of providing theseExpand
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Mapping of poverty and likely zoonoses hotspots
The objective of this report is to present data and expert knowledge on poverty and zoonoses hotspots to inform prioritisation of study areas on the transmission of disease in emerging livestockExpand
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