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Expression of Stromelysin-3 in Atherosclerotic Lesions: Regulation via CD40–CD40 Ligand Signaling In Vitro and In Vivo
Stromelysin-3 is an unusual matrix metalloproteinase, being released in the active rather than zymogen form and having a distinct substrate specificity, targeting serine proteinase inhibitorsExpand
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Intelligence power in peace and war
Introduction Part I. Evolution and Outline: 1. Antecedents 2. Organizations 3. Resources, stages and subjects Part II. Components and Boundaries: 4. Collection sources 5. Collection characteristicsExpand
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Ethics and Intelligence after September 2001
Perhaps there is no need to mix intelligence and ethics. The Times took a strictly realist view some years ago that ‘Cold War or no Cold War, nations routinely spy on each other’, and the BritishExpand
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Intelligence Services in the Information Age
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Assessment machinery: British and American models
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Intelligence Services in the Information Age: Theory and Practice
Financial Times: "helps us understand the rich potential for political fiction... provides an incisive commentary on the organisation and politics of the intelligence world, moving effortlessly fromExpand
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Predictors of good clinical outcome in acute stroke patients treated with intravenous thrombolysis
Šaňák D, Herzig R, Zapletalová J, Horák D, Král M, Školoudík D, Bártková A, Veverka T, Heřman M, Kaňovský P. Predictors of good clinical outcome in acute stroke patients treated with intravenousExpand
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Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics Editorial
I want to report that the launch of our double-blind procedure for manuscript review has been successful, thanks to the diligence and discretion of our Associate Editors and Reviewers. Our goal wasExpand
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Intelligence power in peace and war: Intelligence and security
The last two chapters discussed how intelligence influences the main world of action. This one deals with its effects on another, specialized area: governments’ own secrecy and information control.Expand
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