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Quantization of Gauge Systems
This is a systematic study of the classical and quantum theories of gauge systems. It starts with Dirac's analysis showing that gauge theories are constrained Hamiltonian systems. The classicalExpand
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Central charges in the canonical realization of asymptotic symmetries: An example from three dimensional gravity
It is shown that the global charges of a gauge theory may yield a nontrivial central extension of the asymptotic symmetry algebra already at the classical level. This is done by studying threeExpand
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Asymptotically anti-de Sitter spaces
Asymptotically anti-de Sitter spaces are defined by boundary conditions on the gravitational field which obey the following criteria: (i) they are O(3, 2) invariant; (ii) they make the O(3, 2)Expand
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E10 and a small tension expansion of m theory.
A formal "small tension" expansion of D=11 supergravity near a spacelike singularity is shown to be equivalent, at least up to 30th order in height, to a null geodesic motion in theExpand
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Local BRST cohomology in gauge theories
Abstract The general solution of the anomaly consistency condition (Wess–Zumino equation) has been found recently for Yang–Mills gauge theory. The general form of the counterterms arising in theExpand
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Nonlinear W∞ as asymptotic symmetry of three-dimensional higher spin AdS gravity
We investigate the asymptotic symmetry algebra of (2+1)-dimensional higher spin, anti-de Sitter gravity. We use the formulation of the theory as a Chern-Simons gauge theory based on the higher spinExpand
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Cosmological Billiards
It is shown in detail that the dynamics of the Einstein-dilaton-p-form system in the vicinity of a spacelike singularity can be asymptotically described, at a generic spatial point, as a billiardExpand
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Dynamics of chiral (self-dual) p-forms
Abstract An action principle describing the dynamics of a p-form gauge field whose field strength is self-dual is given. The action is local, Lorentz invariant and also invariant under the standardExpand
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The asymptotic dynamics of three-dimensional Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant
Liouville theory is shown to describe the asymptotic dynamics of three-dimensional Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant. This is because (i) Chern - Simons theory with a gauge groupExpand
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Consistent couplings between fields with a gauge freedom and deformations of the master equation
Abstract The antibracket in the antifield-BRST formalism is known to define a map H p × H q → H p + q + 1 associating with two equivalence classes of BRST invariant observables of respective ghostExpand
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