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Fugitive methane emissions from leak-prone natural gas distribution infrastructure in urban environments.
A survey of CH4 emissions from 100 natural gas leaks in cast iron distribution mains in Metro Boston, MA finds parallels in the skewed distribution of leak size found in downstream systems with midstream and upstream stages of the gas process chain. Expand
The genetics of extreme microgeographic adaptation: an integrated approach identifies a major gene underlying leaf trichome divergence in Yellowstone Mimulus guttatus
These analyses point to a simple, and parallel, genetic basis for one axis of Mimulus guttatus adaptation to an extreme habitat, suggest a broadly conserved genetic basis to trichome variation across flowering plants and pave the way for further investigations of this challenging case of microgeographic incipient speciation. Expand
Phenotypic and genetic differentiation among yellow monkeyflower populations from thermal and non-thermal soils in Yellowstone National Park
Yellow monkeyflowers (Mimulus guttatus) growing at two geothermal (“thermal”) sites in YNP were distinct in growth form and phenology from paired populations growing nearby (<500 m distant) in non-thermal soils, and habitat type explained little of the genetic variation at neutral markers. Expand
The environmental and political ecology of natural gas
Methane (CH4) is the primary constituent of natural gas and a significant contributor to global climate change, accounting for 11% of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. With the advent of hydraulicExpand
The genetics of parallel evolution: a case study using thermal and non-thermal ecotypes of Mimulus guttatus from Yellowstone National Park
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the response of the immune system to the repeated exposure to carbon monoxide in the presence of carbon dioxide. Expand
Unleakable carbon†
Unleakable carbon, or the uncombusted methane and carbon dioxide associated with fossil fuel systems, constitutes a potentially large and heretofore unrecognized factor in determining use of Earth’sExpand
Novel soil ecosystems created by natural gas leaks