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The roles of iron in health and disease.
Iron is vital for almost all living organisms by participating in a wide variety of metabolic processes, including oxygen transport, DNA synthesis, and electron transport. However, ironExpand
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The Roles of Claudin Superfamily Proteins in Paracellular Transport
The claudin superfamily consists of at least 18 homologous proteins in humans. These proteins are important structural and functional components of tight junctions in paracellular transport.Expand
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Human ornithine decarboxylase paralogue (ODCp) is an antizyme inhibitor but not an arginine decarboxylase.
ODC (ornithine decarboxylase), the rate-limiting enzyme in polyamine biosynthesis, is regulated by specific inhibitors, AZs (antizymes), which in turn are inhibited by AZI (AZ inhibitor). WeExpand
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Expression of a novel human ornithine decarboxylase-like protein in the central nervous system and testes.
Ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) is the key enzyme of polyamine synthesis. The physiological activity of ODC is associated with cell proliferation, and high ODC activities are encountered in rapidlyExpand
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Allergic Disorders and Immediate Skin Test Reactivity in Finnish Adolescents
We studied the prevalence of allergic disorders in an unselected group of 708 adolescents aged 15–17 years. All subjects were physically examined and interviewed by the authors. The prevalence ofExpand
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RELP, a novel human REG-like protein with up-regulated expression in inflammatory and metaplastic gastrointestinal mucosa.
We screened expressed sequence tag databases for genes with up-regulated expression in inflammatory bowel diseases. A gene encoding a regenerating protein (REG)-like protein called RELP wasExpand
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Epidemiology and histopathology of Hodgkin's disease in Finland
All cases diagnosed as malignant lymphoma in Finland from 1961 to 1964 were histologically re‐examined and re‐classified. The original material consisted of 314 cases diagnosed as Hodgkin's disease,Expand
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High expression of CCL2 in tumor cells and abundant infiltration with CD14 positive macrophages predict early relapse in breast cancer
Macrophages are important for the function of the innate immune system, and in solid tumors, they represent a significant proportion of the tumor mass. Tumor-associated macrophages (TAM) have a M2Expand
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Inhibition of human natural killer activity by monolayers of primary cell cultures.
Some primary and continuous cell cultures were tested for their capacity to regulate human natural killer (NK) activity. Primary cultures of endothelial cells, fetal fibroblasts, adult fibroblasts,Expand
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Impact of Fixative on Recovery of mRNA From Paraffin-Embedded Tissue
Due to the evolution of advanced tissue-analysis tools, such as proteomics and functional and structural genomics, the demands for handling and preserving samples are changing. For gene expressionExpand
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