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Radiation of Extant Cetaceans Driven by Restructuring of the Oceans
It is found that the toothed whales are monophyletic, suggesting that echolocation evolved only once early in that lineage some 36–34 Ma, and support is found for increased diversification rates during periods of pronounced physical restructuring of the oceans. Expand
Phylogeny of the true water bugs (Nepomorpha: Hemiptera–Heteroptera) based on 16S and 28S rDNA and morphology
The present analysis strongly supports a sister group relationship between the families Aphelocheiridae and Potamocoridae, a monophylum for which a new superfamily,Aphelocheiroidea, is proposed. Expand
Ancient bacteria show evidence of DNA repair
The results show evidence of bacterial survival in samples up to half a million years in age, making this the oldest independently authenticated DNA to date obtained from viable cells and find strong evidence that this long-term survival is closely tied to cellular metabolic activity and DNA repair that over time proves to be superior to dormancy as a mechanism in sustaining bacteria viability. Expand
Ancient Biomolecules from Deep Ice Cores Reveal a Forested Southern Greenland
It is shown that DNA and amino acids from buried organisms can be recovered from the basal sections of deep ice cores, enabling reconstructions of past flora and fauna in high-altitude southern Greenland. Expand
Geologically ancient DNA: fact or artefact?
It remains doubtful whether amplifiable DNA sequences and viable bacteria can survive over geological timescales, so a rigorous set of authentication criteria is proposed for work with geologically ancient DNA. Expand
Communities of algae and cyanobacteria on glaciers in west Greenland
Abstract Communities of algae and cyanobacteria on two glaciers in west Greenland (the Qaanaaq and Russel glaciers) were analyzed and compared with the aim of explaining why the Qaanaaq Glacier (inExpand
New data from an enigmatic phylum: evidence from molecular sequence data supports a sister‐group relationship between Loricifera and Nematomorpha
The results imply that a revision of the conception of early ecdysozoan evolution is required and suggest that evolution through progenesis (sexual maturation of larvae) may have played an important role among the ancestral cycloneuralians. Expand
The Origin of Insects
Recent molecular evidence suggests that crustaceans may have successfully invaded land as insects.
Correction for Barth et al., Toward high-resolution prediction and design of transmembrane helical protein structures
BIOPHYSICS. For the article ‘‘Toward high-resolution prediction and design of transmembrane helical protein structures,’’ by P. Barth, J. Schonbrun, and D. Baker, which appeared in issue 40, OctoberExpand
Phylogeny and evolution of life history strategies of the parasitic barnacles (Crustacea, Cirripedia, Rhizocephala).
The results indicate that Rhizocephala is monophyletic with a filter-feeding barnacle-like ancestor and shows that the ancestral host for extant rhizocephalans appears to be the anomuran crustaceans (Anomura), which includes hermit crabs and squat lobsters. Expand