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Panbiogeography: Tracking the History of Life
1. Introduction: What is Panbiogeography? 2. Life as Geological Layer: Panbiogeography and the Earth Sciences 3. Mapping the Trees of Life: Panbiogeography, Phylogenetic Systematics and EvolutionaryExpand
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Dating nodes on molecular phylogenies: a critique of molecular biogeography
Taxa have been dated using three methods: equating their age with the age of the oldest known fossil, with the age of strata the taxa are endemic to, and with the age of paleogeographic events. AllExpand
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Biogeography of Australasia: A Molecular Analysis
Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. The spatial component of evolution 2. Evolution in time 3. Global affinities of Australasian groups 4. Biogeography of Australia 5. The Tasman-Coral SeaExpand
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Panbiogeography of New Caledonia, south‐west Pacific: basal angiosperms on basement terranes, ultramafic endemics inherited from volcanic island arcs and old taxa endemic to young islands
Aim To investigate areas of endemism in New Caledonia and their relationship with tectonic history. Location New Caledonia, south-west Pacific. Methods Panbiogeographical analysis. ResultsExpand
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Biogeographic disjunction along the Alpine fault, New Zealand
Eighty taxa (subspecies, species, species groups, genera and families) showing disjunction along the New Zealand Alpine fault (Australian/Pacific plate boundary) are documented and mapped. Four plantExpand
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Towards a panbiogeography of the seas
A contrast is drawn between the concept of speciation favoured in the Darwin–Wallace biogeographic paradigm (founder dispersal from a centre of origin) and in panbiogeography (vicariance orExpand
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Panbiogeography of Nothofagus (Nothofagaceae): analysis of the main species massings
Aim The aim of this paper is to analyse the biogeography of Nothofagus and its subgenera in the light of molecular phylogenies and revisions of fossil taxa. Location Cooler parts of the SouthExpand
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Old taxa on young islands: a critique of the use of island age to date island-endemic clades and calibrate phylogenies.
  • M. Heads
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  • 1 March 2011
The age of a clade has been estimated by using the age of its oldest fossils, the age of islands or strata that the clade is endemic to, and the age of tectonic events that are spatially related toExpand
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Molecular Panbiogeography of the Tropics
The book is comprised of ten chapters, ranging from broader biogeography-based topics such as spatial evolution (‘Evolution in Space’: chapter 1) to specific chapters covering small biogeographicExpand
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Evolution and biogeography of primates: a new model based on molecular phylogenetics, vicariance and plate tectonics
Heads, M. Evolution and biogeography of primates: a new model based on molecular phylogenetics, vicariance and plate tectonics. —Zoologica Scripta, 39, 107–127.
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