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Bioactive and Physicochemical Properties of Persimmon as Affected by Drying Methods
In this study, the effects of three different drying methods (freeze drying, oven drying, and vacuum oven drying) on bioactive (total phenolics, total flavonoids, condensed tannin and totalExpand
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Effect of gamma-irradiation on some chemical characteristics and volatile content of linseed.
The effect of irradiation (2.5, 4.0, 5.5, and 7.0 kGy) on chemical properties and volatile contents of linseed was investigated. Consistent decreases were observed in both protein and oil content ofExpand
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Effect of row space and irrigation on seed composition of Turkish sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
The effect of row space (RS) and irrigation (IR) on total protein, total oil, and fatty acid composition of Harran-grown sesame seed was studied. Total oil content of sesame varied from 46.4 toExpand
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Effect of Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.) Pomace on the Quality, Total Phenolic Content and Anti-Radical Activity of Bread
In this research, anti-radical activity, total phenolic content (TPC), physicochemical, textural and sensory properties of bread supplemented with 2%, 5% and 10% (w/w, flour basis) of grape pomaceExpand
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The effect of fermentation on viscosity and protein solubility of Boza, a traditional cereal-based fermented Turkish beverage
Boza was prepared with corn, rice and wheat flour. Alterations in pH, water-soluble protein content and viscosity were observed during a 30 h fermentation period. Fermentation caused a reduction inExpand
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Seed composition of soybeans grown in the Harran region of Turkey as affected by row spacing and irrigation.
This study was conducted to determine the effects of row spacing (RS) and irrigation (IR) on protein content, oil content, and fatty acid composition of soybeans grown in the Harran region of Turkey.Expand
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Alteration in α-tocopherol, some minerals, and fatty acid contents of wheat through sprouting
In this study, two wheat cultivars (cvs Demir 2000 and Konya 2002) were sprouted at 17°C and 85% relative humidity for 9 days. Then the wheat sprouts were dried and ground. The wheats and theirExpand
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Effects of ultrasound, microwave, fermentation and heat treatments on angiotensin-I converting enzyme activity of chickpea bioactive peptides.
In this study, ACE inhibitory activity of chickpea protein isolates was measured. After applying pretreatments such as cooking, microwave, ultrasound and fermentation, changes in activity wereExpand
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Effects of processing on biochemical and rheological properties of wheat gluten proteins.
Protein solubility increases during mixing at water absorption suitable for bread doughs. The changes that result from heat treatment may be much greater than the differences normally found amongExpand
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Optimisation of sourdough bread incorporation into wheat bread by response surface methodology: Bioactive and nutritional properties
Summary The optimisation of the quantity of sourdough (A) prepared with two different fermentation methods, [spontaneous fermentation (F1) vs. starter of lactic acid bacteria-added fermentationExpand
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