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Resonances in the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity
Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Basic Formalism. 3. Survey of Natural Sources of Electromagnetic Radiation. 4. Electromagnetic Fields in the Earth-Ionosphere Cavity. 5. Elf Radio Propagation in
Results of ultra-low-frequency magnetic field measurements during the Guam Earthquake of 8 August 1993
We report the results of measurements of ultra-low-frequency magnetic noise during a large earthquake (Ms=7.1) at Guam of 8 August, 1993 (depth ∼60 km). The ULF observing system is located in the
Complete tenth-order QED contribution to the muon g-2.
The result of the calculation of the complete tenth-order QED terms of the muon g-2 is a(μ)((10))=753.29 (1.04) in units of (α/π)(5), which is about 4.5 s.d. larger than the leading-logarithmic estimate 663(20).
Monitoring of ULF (ultra-low-frequency) Geomagnetic Variations Associated with Earthquakes
ULF (ultra-low-frequency) electromagnetic emission is recently recognized as one of the most promising candidates for short-term earthquake prediction. This paper reviews previous convincing evidence
ULF electromagnetic precursors for an earthquake at Biak, Indonesia on February 17, 1996
ULF electromagnetic emissions associated with a large earthquake occurred at Biak Island, Indonesia at 5h 59m UT on February 17, 1996 (magnitude (Mw) = 8.2 and depth = 20 km from USGS catalog), have
Tenth-order QED contribution to the electron g-2 and an improved value of the fine structure constant.
This letter presents the complete QED contribution to the electron g-2 up to the tenth order, with the help of the automatic code generator, which leads to a(e) = 1,159,652,181.
Perturbative analysis on infrared and ultraviolet aspects of noncommutative QED on R^4
Here we discuss the ultraviolet and infrared aspects of the noncommutative counterpart of QED, which is called as noncommutative QED, as well as some infrared dynamics of noncommutative Yang-Mills