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Contrast's effect on spatial summation by macaque V1 neurons
Stimulation outside the receptive field of a primary visual cortical (V1) neuron reveals intracortical neural interactions. However, previous investigators implicitly or explicitly considered theExpand
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Orientation Selectivity in Macaque V1: Diversity and Laminar Dependence
We studied the steady-state orientation selectivity of single neurons in macaque primary visual cortex (V1). To analyze the data, two measures of orientation tuning selectivity, circular variance andExpand
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Dynamics of orientation tuning in macaque primary visual cortex
Orientation tuning of neurons is one of the chief emergent characteristics of the primary visual cortex, VI (refs 1,2). Neurons of the lateral geniculate nucleus, which comprise the thalamic input toExpand
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Visual spatial characterization of macaque V1 neurons.
This study characterizes the spatial organization of excitation and inhibition that influences the visual responses of neurons in macaque monkey's primary visual cortex (V1). To understand theExpand
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The spatial transformation of color in the primary visual cortex of the macaque monkey
Perceptually, color is used to discriminate objects by hue and to identify color boundaries. The primate retina and the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN) have cell populations sensitive to colorExpand
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Gain Modulation by Nicotine in Macaque V1
Acetylcholine is a ubiquitous cortical neuromodulator implicated in cognition. In order to understand the potential for acetylcholine to play a role in visual attention, we studied nicotinicExpand
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Dynamics of Orientation Selectivity in the Primary Visual Cortex and the Importance of Cortical Inhibition
To test theories of orientation selectivity in primary visual cortex (V1), we have done experiments to measure the dynamics of orientation tuning of single neurons in the V1 cortex of macaqueExpand
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Spatial properties of neurons in the monkey striate cortex
  • M. Hawken, A. Parker
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 22 July 1987
Contrast sensitivity as a function of spatial frequency was determined for 138 neurons in the foveal region of primate striate cortex. The accuracy of three models in describing these functions wasExpand
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Color in the Cortex: single- and double-opponent cells
This is a review of the research during the past 25years on cortical processing of color signals. At the beginning of the period the modular view of cortical processing predominated. However, atExpand
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