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Effects of epitaxial lift-off on interface recombination and laser cooling in GaInP/GaAs heterostructures
Photoluminescence of GaAs passivated with GaInP is studied over the temperature range 7–450K. Different photocarrier recombination mechanisms are identified as the temperature changes. An interfaceExpand
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Resonant cavity-enhanced absorption for optical refrigeration
A 20-fold increase over the single path optical absorption is demonstrated with a low loss medium placed in a resonant cavity. This is applied to laser cooling of ytterbium-doped fluorozirconateExpand
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Differential luminescence thermometry in semiconductor laser cooling
We demonstrate a non-contact, spectroscopic technique to measure the temperature change of semiconductors with very high precision. A temperature resolution of less than 100 μK has been obtained withExpand
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Fast differential luminescence thermometry
Differential luminescence thermometry (DLT) allows non-contact method of measuring temperature by timedifferencing luminescence spectra emitted from the material in study. Here, we present aExpand
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Advances in laser cooling of semiconductors
Laser cooling in semiconductor structures due to anti-Stokes luminescence is reviewed. Theoretical background considering luminescence trapping and red-shifting, the effect of free carrier andExpand
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Nanogap experiments for laser cooling: a progress report
One of the challenges of laser cooling a semiconductor is the typically high index of refraction (greater than 3), which limits efficient light output of the upconverted photon. This challenge isExpand
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Sensitive ultrashort pulse chirp measurement
The chirp of an ultrashort laser pulse can be extracted with high accuracy from a modified spectrum auto-interferometric correlation waveform by using a new time domain algorithm that allows signalExpand
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Cooling of Yb:YLF using cavity enhanced resonant absorption
Using a cavity resonant absorption scheme we demonstrate record laser cooling for the rare-earth doped crystalline solid Yb:YLF. A temperature drop of nearly 70 degrees is obtained with respect toExpand
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Effect of high carrier density on luminescence thermometry in semiconductors
We present a brief analysis of laser cooling in semiconductor quantum wells with emphasis on a previous experiment that gave evidence for local cooling. This work is re-examined in the context ofExpand
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