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Defective stratum corneum and early neonatal death in mice lacking the gene for transglutaminase 1 (keratinocyte transglutaminase).
The results clearly demonstrate that the TGase 1 gene is essential to the development and maturation of the stratum corneum and to adaptation to the environment after birth.
Luminescent proteins for high-speed single-cell and whole-body imaging
Nano-lantern is reported, which is a chimera of enhanced Renilla luciferase and Venus, a fluorescent protein with high bioluminescence resonance energy transfer efficiency and allows real-time imaging of intracellular structures in living cells with spatial resolution equivalent to fluorescence and sensitive tumour detection in freely moving unshaved mice.
Long circulating emulsion carrier systems for highly lipophilic drugs.
It is suggested that small SM emulsion and large PC emulsion can act respectively as long circulating and liver targeting carriers for highly lipophilic drugs with log PC(oct) larger than 9.61, suggesting their rapid release from the emulsion carriers.
Mannose receptor-mediated gene transfer into macrophages using novel mannosylated cationic liposomes
The results suggest that plasmid DNA complexed with mannosylated liposomes exhibits high transfection activity due to recognition by mannose receptors both in vitro and in vivo.
Prevention of neutrophil-mediated hepatic ischemia/reperfusion injury by superoxide dismutase and catalase derivatives.
The results demonstrate that targeted delivery of antioxidant enzymes to liver nonparenchymal cells is a promising approach to reducing the reactive oxygen species produced by Kupffer cells and neutrophils infiltrating into the tissue.
Transport of cephalexin to the cerebrospinal fluid directly from the nasal cavity
Comparing the drug's concentrations in CSF after intranasal, intravenous and intraduodenal administration confirmed the presence of a direct transport pathway for cephalexin from the nasal cavity to the CSF, and may represent a new delivery route to CSF and possibly to brain parenchyma.