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Public Health in British India: Anglo-Indian Preventive Medicine 1859-1914
The politics of health in Calcutta, 1876-1899 and professional visions and political realities, 1896-1914, and public health and local self-government are examined.
Disease and the Modern World: 1500 to the Present Day
This book discusses disease in an Age of Commerce and Industry, the Enlightenment and its Legacy, and health for All: Affluence, Poverty and Disease Since 1945.
A Turning Point, Securitization, and Policing in the Context of Covid-19: Building a New Social Contract Between State and Nation?
While the biological threat posed by Covid is of course a primary focus of analysis, what is often less salient are considerations of the security implications of the global epidemiology. At this
Great War, Civil War, and Recovery: Russia's National Income, 1913 to 1928
The last remaining gap in the national accounts of Russia and the USSR in the twentieth century, 1913 to 1928, includes the Great War, the Civil War, and postwar recovery. Filling this gap, we find
Disease, diplomacy and international commerce: the origins of international sanitary regulation in the nineteenth century
During the early nineteenth century, European nations began to contemplate cooperation in sanitary matters, starting a diplomatic process that culminated in the International Sanitary Conferences and
The Logic of Suicide Terrorism
Some Puzzles Why do some young, healthy males kill themselves in order to kill others? The logic of actions that are simultaneously murderous and self–destructive is hard for us to comprehend. In the
The Economics of World War II: Six Great Powers in International Comparison
Foreword Acknowledgements List of contributors List of abbreviations 1. The economics of World War II: an overview Mark Harrison 2. The United Kingdom: 'Victory at all costs' Stephen Broadberry and
Trends in Soviet labour productivity, 1928–85: War, postwar recovery, and slowdown
Understanding the pattern of postwar slowdown in Soviet productivity growth requires evaluation of the impact of World War II and associated shocks. Continuous productivity series for industry and
The Economics of World War I
This unique volume offers a definitive new history of European economies at war from 1914 to 1918. It studies how European economies mobilised for war, how existing economic institutions stood up