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Reading abilities after cochlear implantation: the effect of age at implantation on outcomes at 5 and 7 years after implantation.
OBJECTIVES The reading skills of deaf children have typically been delayed and this delay has been found to increase with age. This study explored the reading ability of a large group of children whoExpand
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Genetic and environmental correlations between bone formation and bone mineral density: a twin study.
Bone mineral density (BMD) and bone turnover are both heritable. Although bone turnover affects bone mass, it is not clear whether these parameters are under common genetic or environmental control.Expand
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Voluntary Organisations in a Changing Social Policy Environment
Chapters 1 and 2 of this book outlined the ‘seismic shifts’ in the social policy landscape of the UK during the last two decades of the twentieth century — including the move from welfare statism toExpand
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Reversible and non-reversible active and passive sentences, half of which were truncated and half not, were presented to children aged between three and seven years. Comprehension of each sentenceExpand
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Organising God's Work
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Infants with chronic neonatal lung disease: recommendations for the use of home oxygen therapy
Chronic neonatal lung disease (CNLD) is defined as a supplemental oxygen requirement beyond 36 weeks’ postmenstrual age, with more severely affected infants requiring oxygen beyond aExpand
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Body piercing and tattooing — body adornment at a price?
In June 2002, a 22-year-old female patient was diagnosed with hepatitis B infection. The only risk factor identified was a navel piercing procedure, performed three months prior to the infection. AnExpand
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The STEM shortage paradox
The UK is believed to suffer from a shortage of scientists and engineers, yet unemployment rates for new graduates in these fields are high. Does that mean the skills shortage doesn't exist, asksExpand
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