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The Other America
Creation And Natural Contemplation In Maximus The Confessor’s Ambiguum 10:19
In the nineteenth section of the tenth ambiguum Maximus the Confessor describes the transformation of the mind’s intellective activity systematically and at length. He also introduces the corollary
Spiritual Formation Within Christian Higher Education
ABSTRACT The Christian university has a distinct responsibility to provide an environment devoted to the spiritual formation of students. Spiritual formation is not to be viewed as the only important
The Other America. Poverty in the United States
Professor Morgan might be called an institutionalist in reverse. Instead of portraying institutions as the determinants of the present state of affairs, he begins with the economic problems of labor
The New American Poverty
SPEECH The New American Poverty* Michael Harrington** Poverty in America is an issue with growing visibility. Both its gravity and the attention focused on it will increase during this decade. True,
The retail clerks
The Other America : Poverty in the United States
In the fifty years since it was published, "The Other America "has been established as a seminal work of sociology. This anniversary edition includes Michael Harrington s essays on poverty in the