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Comparison of the volatile oils of Hypericum scabrum L. and Hypericum perforatum L. from Turkey
The composition of the volatile oils obtained from the aerial parts of Hypericum scabrum L. and H. perforatum L. was analysed by GC and GC‐MS. While the oil of H. scabrum L. contained a-pinene
Composition of the Volatile Oil from the Aerial Parts of Inula viscosa (L.) Aiton
The volatiles isolated from the leaves and flowers of Inula viscosa (L.) Ait. were studied by means of GC and GC-MS. The oil obtained by hydrodistillation was shown to contain borneol (25.2%), bornyl
Volatile Constituents of Teucrium polium L. from Turkey
Abstract The volatile constituents obtained from the aerial parts of Teucrium polium were analyzed by GC and GC/MS. The oil was found to contain 37 components, of which 30 were identified. The major
GC-MS Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil of Stachys Cretica Subsp. Smyrnaea
The essential oil showed antimicrobial activity, particularly against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Bacillus subtilis, and five different extracts of the aerial parts of S. smyrnaea showed either moderate or no activity.
Phenolic Compounds of Pinus brutia Ten.: Chemical Investigation and Quantitative Analysis Using an Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry with Electrospray Ionization Source
In this study, phenolic content of Pinus brutia 's bark was examined using an ultra-performance liq uid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization source (UPLC-ESI-MS/MS)
Development of a rapid method for the determination of antibiotic residues in honey using UPLC-ESI-MS/MS
An accurate, reliable and fast multianalyte/multiclass ultra-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC–MS/MS) method was developed and validated for the simultaneous analysis