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Self-reported romantic attachment style predicts everyday maternal caregiving behavior at home
Although numerous studies examined how individual differences in mothers’ discourse about their early attachment experiences are associated with their caregiving behaviors toward their children,Expand
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Sibutramine has a positive effect on clinical and metabolic parameters in obese patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of sibutramine therapy alone and in combination with ethinyl estradiol-cyproterone acetate (EE-CPA) on the clinical and metabolic parameters of obese womenExpand
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Gestational trophoblastic disease in Sanliurfa, southeast Anatolia, Turkey.
PURPOSE OF INVESTIGATION This study was carried out to determine if the extremely high rate of gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) previously reported from a center in Southeast Anatolia alsoExpand
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Toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in Sanliurfa, Southeastern Anatolia City, Turkey.
Blood samples from 1149 pregnant women (age 26.9 +/- 5.3 years; mean 20 weeks gestation) on their first prenatal visit to Obstetrics and Gynecology Department and analyzed for Toxoplasma-specificExpand
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Prevalence of cervical cytological abnormalities in Turkey
To evaluate retrospectively the prevalence of cervical cytological abnormalities in patient records obtained from healthcare centers in Turkey.
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Comparison of angiotensin-converting enzyme, malonaldehyde, zinc, and copper levels in preeclampsia
Preeclampsia is a syndrome of unknown etiopathogenesis. Recent studies carried out on preeclampsia have focused on the increase in free radicals in the feto-placental unit with poor perfusion. It isExpand
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Flexible work hours, health and well-being in the European Union: preliminary data from a SALTSA project.
Demand for flexible work hours (FWH) is increasing in Europe aimed at increasing the number of production hours on one hand, and, on the other, reducing individual working hours and/or increasingExpand
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Self-Regulation Mediates the Link Between Family Context and Socioemotional Competence in Turkish Preschoolers
Research Findings: In this study, we examined self-regulatory skills, namely, effortful control and executive function, in Turkish preschoolers (N = 217) and their mediating roles in the associationsExpand
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Role of plasma nitric oxide in complete hydatidiform mole.
PURPOSE OF INVESTIGATION This prospective study aimed to evaluate any relationship between development of complete hydatidiform mole and plasma levels of nitric oxide (a biologically active mediatorExpand
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Self‐Regulation: Relations with Theory of Mind and Social Behaviour
It is argued that self-regulation skill is necessary both for displaying constructive behaviour and for controlling negative social behaviour, and self-regulation might affect social behaviours byExpand
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