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Inflammation and tissue damage in mouse lung by single and repeated dosing of urban air coarse and fine particles collected from six European cities
Repeated intratracheal instillation of both fine and coarse particulate samples evoked enhanced pulmonary inflammation and cytotoxicity compared to single-dose administration. Expand
Heterogeneities in Inflammatory and Cytotoxic Responses of RAW 264.7 Macrophage Cell Line to Urban Air Coarse, Fine, and Ultrafine Particles From Six European Sampling Campaigns
Investigation of cytotoxic and inflammatory activities of size-segregated particulate samples from contrasting air pollution situations in Europe found that particulate size, sources, and atmospheric transformation processes affect the toxicity profile of urban air particulate matter. Expand
Toxicological effects of emission particles from fossil- and biodiesel-fueled diesel engine with and without DOC/POC catalytic converter
Overall, the use of biodiesel fuels and catalyst decreased the particulate mass emissions compared with the EN590 fuel. Expand
A Single Aspiration of Rod-like Carbon Nanotubes Induces Asbestos-like Pulmonary Inflammation Mediated in Part by the IL-1 Receptor.
Knowing about the pulmonary effects induced by a single exposure to the CNT and the importance of a major inflammatory marker IL-1β in CNT-induced pulmonary inflammation contributes to hazard assessment of carbon nanomaterials on airway exposure. Expand
Effect of combustion condition on cytotoxic and inflammatory activity of residential wood combustion particles
Abstract Residential heating is an important local source of fine particles and may cause significant exposure and health effects in populations. We investigated the cytotoxic and inflammatoryExpand
Effects of diet calcium: phosporus ratio and metabolizable energy content on development of osteochondrosis, foot bending and performance in blue foxes
Abstract The study evaluates the effects of two dietary Ca: P ratios (1·5: 1 v . 2·5: 1) and metabolizable energy (ME) contents (17·3 MJ/kg dry matter (DM) v . 19·2 MJ/kg DM) on the development ofExpand
Effects of solubility of urban air fine and coarse particles on cytotoxic and inflammatory responses in RAW 264.7 macrophage cell line.
It is concluded that insoluble components of the complex urban air particulate mixture exert the highest inflammatory and cytotoxic activities in the macrophage cell line but, at the same time, they may operate as carriers for active water- and lipid-soluble components. Expand
Dose and Time Dependency of Inflammatory Responses in the Mouse Lung to Urban Air Coarse, Fine, and Ultrafine Particles From Six European Cities
We investigated the dose and time dependency of inflammatory and cytotoxic responses to size-segregated urban air particulate samples in the mouse lung. Coarse (PM10−2.5), fine (PM2.5−0.2), andExpand
Associations of urban air particulate composition with inflammatory and cytotoxic responses in RAW 246.7 cell line
The present results suggest that the local sources of incomplete combustion and resuspended road dust are important producers of harmful fine particulate constituents that may, however, operate via diverse toxicity mechanisms. Expand
Acute exposure to wood smoke from incomplete combustion - indications of cytotoxicity
Short-term exposure to sooty PAH rich wood smoke did not induce an acute neutrophilic inflammation, a classic hallmark of air pollution exposure in humans, and in vitro data demonstrated that wood smoke particles generated under these incomplete combustion conditions induced cell death and DNA damage, with only minor inflammatory responses. Expand